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He was nicknamed the “Desert Fox” and led the Afrika Korps againt the Americans. Erwin Rommel
. This group wanted to aide those in need and prep for the possibility of war? interventionist
. This is to give up completely without any concessions. unconditional surrender
. This measure assured fair hiring practices in any job funded by the federal government? Executive Order 8802
In 1941, he became the Japanese Prime Minster? Hedikei Tojo
. A “lightning war” that emphazied the use of speed and firepower? blitzkreig
A type of government in which a single party or leader controls the economic, social, & cultural lives of its people? totalitarianism
. Although we were fighting a two-front war, the Allies focused on this stragety? Europe first
. Government controlled limits on the amounts of certain goods that civilians could by during wartime? ration
A group of countries led by Germany and included Italy & Japan during WWII? Axis Powers
The invasion of this country by Germany was the official start of WWII? Poland
. This group wanted no involvement in any conflicts between nations and no allies that would be dependant on the U.S.? Isolationist
This plan brought in laborers from Mexico to work on American farms durning WWII? Bracero Program
. The Japanese had this type of government? Military
This was the turning point of the war in Europe, Nazi’s were forced to retreat and the Soviet Army went on the offensive? Stalingrad
This was a cultural icon in the U.S. representing women who worked in factories and shipyards during WWII? Rosie the Riverter
This is the tactic of dropping a mass amount of bombs to inflict maximum damage? saturation bombing
A group of counties led by Britian, France, the US, & the Soviet Union during WWII? Allied
The event is where American and Filipino soldier became prioneers of war when the Japanese invaded the Phillippines? Bataan Death March
prejudice and discrimination against Jewish people? anti-Semistim
He commanded American forces in North Africa, he was known as “Old Blood and Guts”? George S. Patton
. This was an agreement made between Germany, Italy, Great Britain, & France in 1938 that sacrificed the Sudentenland to preserve peace? Munich Pact
This provided clerical workers, truck drivers, instructors, and lab technicians for the US Army? WAC
. He was an Austrain-born German politican who was leader of the Nazi Party? Adolf Hitler
. He was Prime Mininster of Great Britian? Winston Churchill
African-American squadron that escorted bombers (& never lost one!) over Europe during WWII? Tuskegee Airman
He was the U.S. President when the 2nd World War started in Euroupe? Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Japanese gained control of this Chinese city, brutalizing and murdering more than 200,000 residnets. Nanjing
These were new technological advancements made during WWII? Radar, computing machines, jet engines, penicillin
He was leader of the Soviet Union and led the “Great Terror” which led to the deaths of millions Joseph Stalin
This was temporary imprisonment for a specific group? Internment
Created by: CHS-TREADWAY
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