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1920s & 1930s

Why was Henry Ford able to sell the Model T for less? They were built on an assembly line and were all exactly alike.
Which New Deal Program provided monthly payments to the elderly and the disabled? Social Security Board
Which musician recorded "The St. Louis Blues" with Besse Smith? Louis Armstrong
How did the Great Depression affect the lives of Americans? Lost homes. Lost jobs. Were hungry and poor for the first time. Schools closed. Had to sell possessions. Had to live in shanties. Young people put off getting married and having a family.
What were some causes of the Great Depression? The stock market crashed / Banks ran out of money / Tariffs on imported goods / People bought stock on credit and could not pay the banks back.
Why did the stock market crash? Stock prices dropped and people panicked, sold off all their stock. There was a surplus of stack and it was worthless.
What caused the Dust Bowl? Over plowing, drought, and high winds.
What was an effect of the Dust Bowl? People got sick and died of "Dust Pneumonia", people left and became migrant workers. Moved to California to find work on farms.
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration - paid farmers to plant less crops hoping to raise the prices of the crops.
CCC Civilian Conservation Corp - Work camps for men ages 18-25. Gave food and shelter. Planted trees on public property.
WPA Works Progress Administration - Built roads, schools, bridges, airports, and parks.
FAP Federal Arts Project - (part of the WPA) Painted murals on public buildings that advertised New Deal Programs. Employed artists.
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority - southern region. Built dams along rivers. Built power plants to provide electricity to rural areas.
SSB Social Security Board - provided monthly payments to the elderly, disabled, and unemployed.
Henry Ford Invented the first affordable automobile
Charles Lindberg First man to fly nonstop across the Atlantic
Duke Ellington One of the best known jazz composers and band leader
Herbert Hoover President blamed for the Great Depression
Margaret Mitchell Author who wrote "Gone With the Wind"
Jesse Owens African American who won 11 gold medals in the Olympics
Louis Armstrong Famous jazz musician nicknamed Satchmo
Harlem Renaissance African Americans moved to northern cities during the Great Migration and brought their art and culture with them. They used writing, music, and paintings to share their ideas and feelings about life. Many moved to Harlem, New York.
Langston Hughes Famous writer. His major themes of work were "hope" and "despair" in the 1920s.
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