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Gr. 7/SS/Ch. 6

American Revolution 1776-1783

The American Crisis pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that included the line "these are the times that try men's souls."
inflation Caused Congress to stop issuing paper money.
Martha Washington Made clothes for the troops and cared for the sick at Valley Forge.
Treaty of Paris British promised to withdraw all troops from American territory on September 3, 1783.
Patriots Americans who supported independence.
Saratoga France announced their support for the United States after this victory. British General John Burgoyne surrendered to Patriot Horatio Gates.
Charleston, South Carolina Patriots suffered the worst defeat of the war here. It was the only state that did not enlist African Americans.
Francis Marion Known as the "Swamp Fox."
Trenton This was the site of a surprise victory by the Patriots on Christmas night, 1776.
Yorktown King George III agreed to give the Americans their freedom after this Patriot victory.
Marquis de Lafayette French nobleman who became Washington's trusted aide.
Spain Attacked the British forces in the Mississippi Valley and along the Gulf of Mexico.
George Washington This person did not represent the Americans at the peace talk in Paris and after the war, he returned to his plantation at Mount Vernon.
Friedrich Von Steuben This person helped Washington turn the ragged Continental Army into an efficient fighting force.
Howe Last name of the two brothers, William and Richard, who were in charge of the British army and navy.
Philadelphia American capital city at this revolutionary time period. It was also William Howe's winter camp.
Tories Another name for Americans who remained loyal to Great Britain.
John Paul Jones This person said, "I have not yet begun to fight" while manning a privateer.
blockade Kept supplies and reinforcements from reaching the Continental Army.
Lemuel Hayes African American patriot
Valley Forge Patriot forces endured a winter here with terrible suffering.
Deborah Sampson This person disguised herself as a man so she could fight with the army.
Guerilla Warfare This is a hit and run technique of fighting that caught the British off guard.
Comte De Rochambeau This person was a French commander.
Nathan Hale This person spied on the British; he disguised himself as a teacher.
Horatio Gates This person was continental leader at Saratoga.
John Burgoyne British general at Saratoga.
Charles Cornwallis British commander at Yorktown.
neutral Taking neither side.
mercenary Hired soldiers.
Juan de Miralles Spanish representative to the U.S.
privateers merchant warships
George Rogers Clark Patriot commander in the west.
enlist recruit
Judith Sargeant Murray Essay writer for women's education.
Green Mountain Boys Patriot militia group.
Smallpox Disease at Valley Forge.
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