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English 342 Midterm

End of Reconstruction 1877
Advocates of reconstruction radical republicans
Two companies chartered to build first transcontinental railroad Central Pacific and Union Pacific
Locations of the trans railroad Central Pacific started in Sacramento Union Pacific started at Missouri River
Workers for Union Pacific Irish immigrants and Civil War vets
Workers for Central Pacific Chinese immigrants
When trans railroad was completed May 10, 1869
Where the final spike was driven Promontory Point
Who invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
When was the first phone call made March 10, 1876
What company eventually came out of the Bell Telephone Company AT&T
When was the first transcontinental phone call 1915
Who invented the incandescent light bulb Thomas Edison 1880
What company came out of Edison Electric Company General Electric Company
Greatest effect of incandescent light bulb Light available at any time of day; work later
When was the American Red Cross founded May 21, 1881
Who founded the American Red Cross Clara Barton
First major American organization started by a woman American Red Cross
Was a slave for first nine years of his life Booker T. Washington
Name of institute Washington founded Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute
When was Tuskegee Institute founded July 4, 1881
When was the Chinese Exclusionary Act 1882
What did the Chinese Exclusionary Act do Prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers
What act lifted the Chinese Exclusionary Act Magnuson Act 1943
Who created/designed the Statue of Liberty Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi
Who engineered the Statue of Liberty Gustave Eiffel
When was the Statue of Liberty dedicated October 28, 1886
Who dedicated Liberty President Grover Cleveland
What does Lady Liberty symbolize friendship between France and America, freedom, hope, and acceptance
Created the Brooklyn Bridge John Augustus Roebling
Location of the Brooklyn Bridge Over the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn
First steel suspension bridge with the longest span in the world Brooklyn Bridge
Workers nickname Sandhogs
Condition many workers fell victim to Caisson disease - the bends
Brooklyn Bridge completed 1883
Sherman Anti-Trust Act named after Senator Sherman of Ohio - secretary of the Treasury under President Hayes
Sherman Anti-Trust Act passed 1890
Most well known trust in US history Standard Oil
Invented the first Kodak Camera George Eastman
When was the patent placed on the camera roll 1885
Federal Pure Food and Drug Act 1906 signed by Theodore Roosevelt
Invented the motion picture camera Thomas Edison
Completion of the motion picture camera 1892
Kinetograph attach images to a cylinder spun at a high speed - gives illusion of motion
The White City of the Chicago World Fair honors 400th anniversary of Columbus' land fall in the new world
Dates of the Chicago World Fair May 1, 1893 - October 30, 1893
When was Chicago Day October 9, 1893
What murders took place during the Chicago World Columbian Exchange Dr. Henry Howard Holmes murdered dozens of murders - discovered after the fair. Mayor Carter Harrison Sr. killed on October 28.
The big constitutional question of Plessy vs. Ferguson Can states make laws that require different races to use separate but equal facilities?
When was Plessy vs. Ferguson decided May 18, 1896
Decision of Plessy vs. Ferguson Plessy found guilty for sitting in white rail car - law seen as reasonable, traditional, and custom
Effects of Plessy vs. Ferguson Separate but equal spread to theaters, restaurants, restrooms, and schools
What court case repealed the decision of Plessy vs. Ferguson Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954
Nickname for early stakeholders in the Yukon gold find of 1896 Klondike Kings
How many people left for Yukon and how many made it back 100,000 went on trip, 30,000 completed it
Nickname for the White Pass Trail The Dead Horse Trail because many men ate dead horse meat found on the trail
First city in Western Canada to have electric lights Dawson
How much gold was found by Klondike Kings Estimated one billion dollars worth
Socialist Party Gained strength from its ties to labor - ensure Union members were no longer being exploited by the profit system
Surplus laobr The amount of labor one performs beyond what one receives in goods
Goal of American Socialism Giving control of the means of production to the working class
Socialist Party of America candidate for President in 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1920 Eugene V. Debs
Created by: Imasingingal
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