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South/Central Asia

The tallest mountain peak on earth is... Mt. Everest
What mountain range act as a natural barrier in south Asia? Himalayas
Farmers in central Asia get water for irrigation from Rivers (Amu and Sry Darya Rivers)
What brings most of the wet weather to south Asia? monsoons blowing in from the ocean
The original civilizations in the Indus River Valley were Harappans and Aryans
Why are those in India called "untouchables" discriminated against? Because of the strict caste system laws
The Vedas are the holy writings of Hinduism
India and Pakistan are at conflict over what region? Kashmir
How does India's climate compare to that of the Tibetan Plateau? India will have more precipitation, Himalayas block cool air from the north
Why was India partitioned? After independence from Britain religious conflict (Hindus v. Muslims)
After India gained its independence from Britain, what new country/countries formed? Pakistan and Bangladesh
What did the Aryans create in their civilization? Caste system
What physical feature is the source for the Indus and Ganges River? Himalayas
Is overcrowding a push or pull factor for migration? push
What is a cultural hearth? Place where civilization begins and spreads to other areas
Under the caste system people are ranked according to their occupation (job) and where they live
What is the main issue to the caste system? It is a cultural barrier
What is the main cause of conflict between India and Pakistan? Religious differences
Would overcrowded cities due to outsourcing be a positive or challenging outcome? challenging
Would lack of resources/goods be a cause or an effect to natural disasters such as flooding or typhoons? Effect
What are the 2 main religions of India? Hinduism and Buddhism
What natural disaster is likely to strike India as a result of the summer monsoons? Flooding
Name two international organizations that have aided in the conflict between Pakistan and India? United Nations (UN) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
How has urban India changed due to migration? overcrowded/increase in slum areas
What has caused the Aral Sea to shrink? Overuse of water from rivers, over irrigation, poor irrigation systems
How does someone move in the caste system? Reincarnation
A sacred/holy site in India is the... Ganges River
The name of the founder of Buddhism is... Siddhartha Guatama
Movement to a city is called... urbanization
Is medical availability a push or pull factor to migration? Pull
Tropical storms that occur in the Indian Ocean are called Typhoons
What is significant (important) about the Green Revolution to Asia? provides more productive crops, feeds more people,
What two countries share the Aral Sea? Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Created by: amackey1688
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