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Colonial America

Who was settled by Massachusets Bay colony? Puritans
What are the southern colonies? Georgia, south carolina, north carolina, virginia.
Which of the thirteen colonies was founded by people who had been in debtors prizon in England? These people were looking to make money in the new world by farming. Georgia
What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World? This settlement was started as an economic venture. Jamestown
What was the name of the settlement established by sepratists from the Church of England called Pilgrims? Plymouth
After which war did England impose strict trade in the colonies? French and Indian War
Goveners enforced the laws in the colonies. What European law did the colonists have to follow? England
What are the New England colonies? Maine, Massachusets, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Conneticut
What were the three cash crops grown in the south? Cotton, tobacco, indigo
Who worked as craftsmen in the towns and on the plantations? Artisans
Economic Relationship: The colonies traded ___ _________ for ___________ ________ goods. Raw matireals for manufactured goods
which group of people were treated as property with no rights? Enslaved African Americans
Did women, slaves, and indentured servents receive equal treatment? No
What was the religious group that established the colony of Pennsylavania? Quakers
Which mountain range is found in all three colonial regions? Appalachian Mountains
What were the middle colonies? New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York
In which colonial region was a major part of the economy based on raising livestock? Mid Atlantic
Which colonial region was known as the bread basket because of its grain farming? Mid Atlantic
What are some reasons people migrated to the New World? to avoid religious persecution and economic freedom
which colonial region has a humid climate with plantations? southern colonies
Which colonial region had a political life centered on town meetings? New England
which colonial region had rocky soil, a jagged coastline, and hilly terrain? New England
Which ccasnial region grew cash crops like rice, indigo, and tobacco? Southern colonies
Which colonial region had an economy based mainly on shipbuilding, fishing, and whaling? New England
Which colonial region had a large population of slaves? Southern colonies
What prevented the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains and increased the tension with England? The Proclomation of 1763
What were the colonists called that worked the land acording to the region in which they lived? This group relied on family members for labor not slaves. Farmers
What were the people called that worked for someone who paid there passage to the colonies? These peopel were free when there contract ended. Indentured survants
In which colonial region was town and church the center of life? New England
Which colonial region was charictorized by varied and diverse lifestyles? Mid Atlantic
In which colonial region did most people belong to the church of England? Southern
Which colonial region had a population made up of religeous reformers and sepratists? New England
in which colonial region was the political life centered on market towns? Mid Atlantic
In which colonial region was the political life centered in countries? Southern
Which colonial region was charicterized by rich farmlands, caostal lowlands, a moderate climate, and wide rivers? Mid Atlantic
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