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WWI/Great Depression

8th Grade SS

The name given to WWI when it was going on, because it was unknown that there would be a second world war The Great War
The name of the British ship that was sunk in 1915 by a German submarine. Over 100 Americans were onboard and there were several American supplies Lusitania
The telegram sent to Mexico from Germany that offered a chance for Mexico to ally with Germany and attack the US, and that Germany would promise to gain back the lands that Mexico lost in the Mexican American War. Directly led to US involvement Zimmerman Telegram
A series of dust storms across the Midwest area during the 1930s Dust Bowl
The New Deal program that provided electricity to many rural areas Rural Electrification Act
A disease that swept across the world, wiping out entire fractions of the world and US populations Pandemic
Examples include Fort McPherson in Atlanta and Camp Benning in Columbus. Georgia was a good location due to the moderate climate and the rail lines Military Bases
People grew food for themselves so that large-scale crops would go to the soldiers Victory Gardens
Provided money, tips, and equipment to farmers as part of the New Deal Agricultural Adjustment Act
The series of programs enacted by FDR in order to provide relief of the unemployed, recovery of the economy, and reform of economic defects New Deal
Provided money and support for the elderly, unemployed, or disabled as part of the New Deal Social Security Act
The insect that laid eggs in cotton bolls, and the babies would eat the cotton plants Boll Weevil
A lack of precipitation: this severely damaged the crops in Georgia Drought
New Deal program that intended to construct needed structures and improve the land Civilian Conservation Corps
Producing too much of a crop Overproduction
This was when stocks lost their value instantly; considered the start of the Great Depression Stock Market Crash of 1929
Eugene Talmadge
The idea that the government should avoid meddling in economic affairs Laissez-faire
An allowance or grant given to someone Pension
Great Migration
Russian Revolution
Planting more crops than is possible Overgrazing
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