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History chapter 21

lesson 4

Theodore Roosevelt took office after McKinley died
Square Deal balanced interests of business people, laborers, and consumers for the public good
Arbitration a formed process to settle disputes
Pure Food and Drug Act law that prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transport of mislabeled or contaminated food and drugs
Who was the 1st president to use the 1860 Sherman Antitrust Act to break a monopoly? Theodore Roosevelt
Conservation protection or nature and its resources
Gifford Pinchot 1st head for the resources of the Forest Service
Forest Service valued forests for the resources that provided to build "Prosperous homes"
William Howard Taft favored regulation and opposed socialism/ Roosevelt's Secretary of war
Progressive Party party created by Theodore Roosevelt and was nicknamed the bull moose party
Woodrow Wilson biggest goal was passing reform legislation / was apart of the 16th amendment and Federal Reserve Act
Sixteenth Amendment allows government to impose direct taxes on citizens' incomes
Federal Reserve Act created a national banking system called the federal reserve to regulate economy
Clayton Antitrust Act strengthened federal laws against monopolies
Federal Trade Commission had the power to investigate and punish unfair trade practices
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