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kinns 13/ fordney 7

study set

What are the dimensions for legal size paper? 8 1/2 x 14inches. Kinns pg.219
What is a noun? A person, place, or thing. Kinns pg 219
Define a simplified letter style? All lines begin flushed with the left margin, the salutation is replaced with an all caps subject line, complimentary closing is omitted, all-caps signature is entered on 5th line below the body of letter. Kinns pg. 219
When are office privacy practice forms given to patients? At the time of service, during registration. Fordney pg.
How is mail classified? According to type, weight, and destination. Kinns pg.231
What is the most common type of written communication in the medical office? Original letters, memos, replies to inquiries, response to requests for info., phone messages, emails, transcriptions, orders for supplies instructions for patients, etc...Kinns pg. 215
What is considered casual communication? Emails, texts, instant messages, & friendly letters. Kinn's pg. 223
What is the protocol before patients are able to receive emails or text messages from the office? It should have a copy made & placed in medical record, be professional, should not have abbreviations, single spaced, not all caps. Kinn's pg. 223
What is the protocol for memos before filing them to policy manuals? Employees are required to initial memos to verify that they were read prior to filing. Kinn's pg. 224
What disclaimer usual comes with faxes and emails? It denotes who the disclaimer is for, what to do to return it if received in error, penalties that will be enforced if info. is disseminated, distributed, or copied. Kinn's pg.224
What is a portfolio? A set of pictures, drawings, or documents either bound in a book or loose in a folder. Kinn's pg. 225
What is the consequence of misspelling medical terms on a patient's record, claim, or correspondence? Claims can't be processed, no reimbursements. In a patient's record/correspondence, diagnosis will be misrepresented, misunderstood, & wrong treatment with fatal consequences.
What is a portfolio as it pertains to business letters? They consist of different templates to use according to the various situations that frequently arise. Kinn's pg. 225
What is the block letter style? All lines start flush with the left margin, efficient, but least attractive. Kinn's pg.219
What is the correct way to write an inside address in a letter? If letter consists of only a few lines, inside address should be double spaced, if long in length, then single spaced. Kinn's pg. 221
What does flush mean? Having no indentation. Kinn's pg.215
Who should sign referrals and consultation forms? The physician.
When is editing performed? Before mailing or delivery. Kinn's pg. 224
How much is express mail insurance? Automatic insurance is up to $100.00 free of charge. Kinn's pg. 231
What is a "forever stamp"? A stamp used as first-class postage on envelopes weighing 1oz or less, regardless of postal rate increases. Kinn's pg. 231
What are the rules for alphabetical filing/indexing? Last name first, first name second, middle initial, then prefix/suffixes. Kinn's pg. 255
Created by: MAAs_rock
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