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Ch.10 SG

Ch. 10 Vocab & SG

Nominating Conventions Party members choose the party's candidates
Jacksonian Democracy The period of expanding democracy in the 1820s and the 1830s
Democratic Party This party arose from Jackson's supporters
John C. Calhoun Andrew Jackson's vice president
Spoils System The practice of giving government jobs to political backers
Martin Van Buren The Secretary of State who was one of Jackson's allies in his official cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet An informal group of trusted advisers who sometimes met in the White House kitchen
Tariff of Abominations Congress placed a high tariff on imports that caused angry southerners to call it this.
States Rights Doctrine It stated that since the states had formed the national government, the states power should be greater than federal power
Nullification Crisis Conflict between the supporters and opponents of nullification
Daniel Webster He was from Massachusetts who argued that the United States was one nation not a pact among the states
McCulloch v Maryland The Court ruled that the national bank was constitutional
Whig Party They favored the idea of a weak president and a strong Congress
Panic of 1837 A severe economic depression
William Henry Harrison He was an army general, the Whigs stood behind him, and he won in an electoral landslide
Indian Removal Act In 1830 this authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to the lands in the West
Indian Territory The Native Americans were moved to present day Oklahoma
Bureau of Indian Affairs To manage Indian removal to western lands Congress approved the creation of a new government agency
Sequoya A Cherokee who used 86 characters to represent Cherokee syllables to create a writing system for their complex language
Worcester v Georgia The Court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a distinct community in which the laws of Georgia had no force
Trail of Tears The Cherokee's 800 mile forced march
Black Hawk A leader of Fox and Sauk Indians who decided to fight rather than leave Illinois
Osceula He was a leader who called upon his followers to resist with force
Andrew Jackson's stance on federal power was not consistent as evidence by what? He argued to use U.S. troops to enforce tariff collection
Who was Chief Black Hawk? He was the leader of the Fox Indians who decided to fight U.S. officials
During 1827, northern manufacturers began to demand a tariff on foreign made woolen goods so that their products would sell better in American markets. What is the term for the kind of tariff they are demanding? Protective Tariff
How did the expansion of voting rights in the early 1800 affect the election of 1828? Andrew Jackson's chances of winning president rose because during war made him popular with the voters
What issue most influenced Americans political thinking during Andrew Jackson's Presidency? Local economies
How did nominating conventions contribute to the expansion of democracy in the 1820s? It allowed people to become more active in politics
What distinguished Jacksonian democracy from other types? It took efforts to ensure majority rule
Who benefited most from Andrew Jackson's plan? American farmers who gained millions of acres of lands for settlement
Webster of Massachusetts opposed nullification to? The country's unity
In 1832, what did the Seminole Indians do after agreeing to leave Florida within 3 years? They ignored the treaty and resisted removal with force
What did the Virginia and Kentucky Resolution of 1798-1799 the Hartford Convention and John Calhoun's South Carolina Exposition and Protest have in common? They were all written or organized by supporters of the states rights doctrine
Arguments over which issue sparked the nullification crisis? National Tariff
Where was Indian Territory? Most of present day Oklahoma
What caused an onlooker to observe the reign of King Mob seemed triumphant? The celebration of Jackson's presidential victory on the White House
What might a typical Southern small farmer have said about the National Bank? The institution is good for wealthy folks not for me
How did Andrew Jackson reward his supporters? He rewarded them with government jobs
Describe the Trail of Tears. An involuntary 800 mile march that the Cherokee Indians made in the removal from Georgia
Why did Cherokee Indians resist removal to Indian Territory? They looked for protection and worked in white communities
What happened when the Supreme Court ruling in Worcester v Georgia? They said that the Cherokee nation was a distinct community where Georgia's laws had no force
What ruling did the Supreme Court make in the case of McCulloch v Maryland? They said that the national bank was constitutional
Why did the American government want to remove the American Indians? They wanted to open the to settlement by American farmers
What American Indians were affected by the Indian Removal Act of 1930? Indians that were east of the Mississippi River to the lands in the west
How did President Jackson respond to the Supreme Court ruling in Worcester v Georgia? Jackson allowed the removal of the Native Americans from Georgia
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