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Devel. Dress/IADLS

Development of dressing and IADL task (household chores)

Dressing Age 1 year Cooperates (hold arms and feet out). Pulls off socks and shoes. Pushes arms and legs through holes (once started).
Dressing Age 2 years Removes unfastened coat. Helps pull down pants. Finds arm holes in pull over shirt.
Dressing Age 2.5 years Removes pull-down pants with elastic waist. Assists in pulling on socks. Puts on button up shirt/coat. Unbuttons large buttons.
Dressing Age 3 years Pull over shirt with min A but needs help to remove. Puts on shoes without fasteners (wrong feet) & socks (heel on top). Zips up and down (once started/on track). Buttons large buttons.
Dressing Age 3.5 years Finds front of clothing. Snaps/hooks front fasteners. Unzips completely. Puts on mittens. Buttons 3-4 buttons. Unbuckles shoes/belts.
Dressing Age 4 years Removes pull-over shirt. Buckles shoes/belts. Zips jacket zipper. Puts socks/shoes on correctly (needs help with laces).
Dressing Age 4.5 years Puts belt in loops.
Dressing Age 5 years Ties and unties knots. Dresses unsupervised.
Dressing Age 6 years Closes back zipper. Ties bows. Buttons back buttons. Snaps back snaps.
IADLs 13 months Imitates housework.
IADLs 2 years Picks up toys.
IADLs 3 years Carries things without dropping them. With help is able to: dust, dry dishes, & garden. Can learn to wipe up spills independently.
IADLs 4 years Helps with sorting laundry & fixes dry cereal snacks.
IADLs 5 years Makes sandwhich, takes out trash, makes bed, puts dirty clothes in hamper, & answers telephone.
IADLs 6 years Cleans sink, washes dishes with help & can cross the street safely.
IADLs 7-9 years Simple cooking tasks, put clean clothes away (including hanging up), manage small amounts of money, & uses telephone.
IADLs 10-12 years Simple repairs, laundry, sets table, washes dishes and cares for pets with reminders.
IADLs 13-14 years Laundry & cooks independently.
Created by: hesselrach
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