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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Cardio recovery Interdisciplinary stages for patients with cardiopulmonary history Occupational Therapy 2016-02-17 hesselrach 9 0 edit
Vision Deficits Common vision deficits/loss with aging Occupational Therapy 2016-01-25 hesselrach 6 0 edit
Dysphagia Components of bedside swallow exam Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 7 0 edit
Decubitus Ulcers Pressure ulcers stages and cms reducing groups Occupational Therapy 2021-07-02 hesselrach 8 1 edit
Grasping Development Developmental stages of grasping by months Occupational Therapy 2016-01-25 hesselrach 7 0 edit
Release Skills Developmental progression of fine motor releasing skills Occupational Therapy 2016-01-25 hesselrach 4 0 edit
Manipulation Skills Developmental progression of manipulation skills Occupational Therapy 2016-03-03 hesselrach 4 0 edit
Feeding Development Developmental progression of feeding skills Occupational Therapy 2016-01-25 hesselrach 7 0 edit
Neuroanatomy Review Review of cerebral structures and umn and lmn involvement Occupational Therapy 2016-01-28 hesselrach 6 0 edit
CVAs by artery Deficits associated with artery involved in CVA Occupational Therapy 2016-01-25 hesselrach 4 0 edit
TBI Glas&Amigo Level TBI glascow scale scores and Ranchos los Amigos scale Occupational Therapy 2016-02-11 hesselrach 12 1 edit
SCI / Involvement SCI / Involvement Occupational Therapy 2019-03-07 hesselrach 15 1 edit
Movement/Psych Dis. Disorders of movement in neurological syndromes and congenital defects Occupational Therapy 2017-05-09 hesselrach 14 1 edit
Neuro-congenital Dis Neuromuscular Congenital Diseases / Treatment Occupational Therapy 2016-01-26 hesselrach 16 0 edit
Peripheral Neuro Dis Peripheral Neurological Disorders and Diseases Occupational Therapy 2017-05-09 hesselrach 10 1 edit
Neuropathic Pain Neuropathic pain syndromes Occupational Therapy 2016-02-26 hesselrach 7 0 edit
Seizure Disorders Types of seizures and seizure disorders. Occupational Therapy 2017-05-10 hesselrach 9 2 edit
Sensorimotor Develop The development of sensorimotor integration Occupational Therapy 2016-02-01 hesselrach 5 0 edit
Cog-perceptual Dis Functional impairments of Cognitive-Perceptual Skills Occupational Therapy 2016-02-01 hesselrach 10 0 edit
PVD / METs METs and Peripheral Vascular Diseases Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 9 0 edit
Cog-percep Intervent Interventions from the cognitive-perceptual framework Occupational Therapy 2016-02-01 hesselrach 7 0 edit
Movement Principles Principles of movement and movement disorders Occupational Therapy 2016-02-25 hesselrach 23 0 edit
Cranial Nerves nerves of the cranium that also direct the face Occupational Therapy 2016-02-01 hesselrach 12 0 edit
Psycho FOR psychosocial frames of reference Occupational Therapy 2016-02-11 hesselrach 22 1 edit
Splinting Types of splints for specific injuries Occupational Therapy 2016-02-11 hesselrach 10 1 edit
Disorders/ADL indpen Musculoskeletal Disorders / injuries and their impact on adls Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 19 1 edit
SCI and Function Spinal Cord Injuries and self-care function abilities Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 7 0 edit
W/C and mod. dem. Information on wheelchair components and dimensions. Occupational Therapy 2020-08-31 hesselrach 16 2 edit
Spinal Tracts Sensory and Motor components associated with ascending and descending pathways Occupational Therapy 2016-02-17 hesselrach 15 0 edit
Neuro Approaches Main Neurological approaches even if they're old Occupational Therapy 2016-02-29 hesselrach 11 0 edit
Fractures Types of fractures and tips for intervention Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 23 0 edit
Group Dynamics Group Development / types and interventions Occupational Therapy 2016-02-17 hesselrach 13 0 edit
Medications Medications -diagnose specific and side effects / medical emergency situations Occupational Therapy 2016-02-22 hesselrach 18 0 edit
GM FM Development Developmental sequence of crucial GM and FM tasks Occupational Therapy 2016-02-22 hesselrach 38 0 edit
Baby Reflexes Developmental reflexes descriptions and dates of normalcy. Occupational Therapy 2016-02-22 hesselrach 19 0 edit
Precautions precaution procedures and equipment Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 4 0 edit
Devel. Dress/IADLS Development of dressing and IADL task (household chores) Occupational Therapy 2016-02-24 hesselrach 18 0 edit

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