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Chapter 1 Definition

Chapter 1- Idaho Adventure definitions

the story of the past history
people who study history historians
a picture, document, or diary made or used by the people who were there when an event took place primary source
object made or used by people from the past artifact
a paper or digital record like letters, birth certificates, or newspaper document
a story told aloud and passed down from person to person biography
a way of seeing an event point of view
something that can be proven fact
something someone believes to be true opinion
changes people make to the land human features
shows where people choose to live because of the surroundings settlement patterns
a field of business; such as mining or lumber industries
few small towns and lots of open land rural
related, or connected to a city urban
smaller towns near a city suburbs
number of large dams in Idaho more than 60
a place where water is collected and stored reservoir
Created by: bdt9