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History chapter 21

lesson 2

Marrie Van Vorst took series of jobs i factories and clothing mills around the country and wanted to investigate working conditions for children by working aside them
Florence Kelly worded against child labor in IL
Massachusetts 1st state to pass a mimumim wage law
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire started on 8th floor and many teenage girls died b/c employers locked the doors
What did the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire lead to? the pasage of laws improving factory saftey standards
Workers' Compensation laws guarenteed a portion of lost wages to workers injured on the job
Where were the Workers' Compensation laws first passed? Maryland
Joseph Lochner challenged the law of 10 hour workday/ he went to the supreme court and won his case
Muller v. Oregon upheld laws restricting women's work hours
American Federation of Labor focused on better working conditions and pay for skilled workers
Capitalism an economic system in which private businesses run most industries and competition determined the price of goods
Socialsim a system in which the government owns and operates a country's means of production
Eugene V. Debs lead socialism
William "Big Bill" Hawood led IWW
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) socialist union thats goal was to organize all workers into one large union that would overthrow capitalism / welcomed imigrants, women, and African americans
Created by: Ella!!