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Unit 4 Vocab


Spoils System a politicians' practice of giving government jobs to his or her supporters.
Indian Removal Act a congressional act that authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River.
Trail of Tears an 800 mile forced march made by the Cherokee from their homeland in Georgia to Indian Territory; resulted in the deaths of almost one-fourth of the Cherokee people
Oregon Trail A 2,000 mile trail stretching through the Great Plains from western Missouri to the Oregon Territory
Alamo Spanish mission in San Antonio, Texas, that was the site of a famous battle of the Texas Revolution in 1836
Manifest Destiny a belief shared by many Americans in the mid-1800s that the United States should expand to the Pacific Ocean.
Californios Spanish colonists in California in the 1800s
Prospect to search for gold
Placer Miners a person who mines for gold by using pans or other devices to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock and gravel
Forty-Niners a gold-seeker who moved to California during the gold rush
Political Party a group of people who organize to help elect government officials and influence government policies
Vaqueros Mexican cowboys in the West who tended cattle and horses.
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