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upland the high land away from the coast of the country.
lichen a plant-like organism that consists of algae and fungus.
tundra a flat treeless plain with permentaly frozen ground.
taiga a large confurios forests.
permafrost the permanently frozen, lower layers of soil found in the tundra and subarctic climate zones.
define to describe the nature or extent of something.
czar the tittle given to an emperor of Russia's past.
serf a farm laborer who could be bought and sold along with the land.
genocide the mass murder of people from a particular ethic group.
collectivization a system in which small farmers were combined into huge,enterprises with work done by mechanized technique in the hopes of making farmers more efficient and reducing in the need for farmworkers.
insignificant unimportant
inflation a sharp increase int he price of goods sometimes caused by shortages of goods.
oligarch a member of small ruling group that holds great power.
decline to reduce in number.
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