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Thomas Jefferson Era

US History Chapter 10 Jefferson Era

The House of Representatives The election of 1800 was decided by ____________.
Judiciary Act of 1801 This set up regional courts for the United States
Marbury v Madison This case represented the first time the Supreme Court reviewed and ruled on acts of the other branches of government
Laissez-faire Jefferson believed in reducing the power and size of the government, or a philosophy called _______________.
John Marshall Who had John Adams named to serve as chief justice of the Supreme Court?
John Adams Federalists supported ______________ for a second term in the election of 1800.
12th Amendment Congress passed the _______________ to prevent another showdown between a presidential and a vice-presidential candidate.
custom duties Under Jefferson, all government funds would come from the sale of western lands and taxes on imported goods called _____________.
national debt Jefferson and his secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin worked on reducing the __________________.
midnight judges The last-minute judicial appointments by Adams were called _______________.
Spain Before it was transferred in 1802, the Louisiana Territory belonged to _____________.
France From what country did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory?
the Louisiana Purchase The size of the United States was doubled with _________________.
Zebulon Pike The Grand Peak was named by the explorer __________________.
Alexander Hamilton Which politician died as a result of a duel?
Tripoli Which Barbary Coast state declared war on the United States in 1801?
Tecumseh Who was the Shawnee chief who built a confederacy among Native American nations?
the Thames Tecumseh was killed at this Battle.
confederacy With the death of Tecumseh, hopes died for a Native American
Francis Scott Key "The Star-Spangled Banner" was written by
Battle of New Orleans Which battle made Andrew Jackson a national hero and, eventually, helped him win the presidency?
Oliver Hazard Perry commander of Lake Erie naval forces
impressment Which British practice was a violation of neutral rights?
Battle of Tippecanoe Tecumseh joined forces with Great Britain after _____________.
judicial review The Supreme Court reviewing and ruling on acts of other branches of the government is called _________________.
smuggling illegally importing goods into a country
the Prophet Tecumseh's brother and ally
jurisdiction the legal authority of a court to hear and decide cases
secede to withdraw or break away from a nation
tribute money paid to a leader or state for protection
embargo a prohibition or blocking of trade with a certain country
nationalism a strong sense of devotion to one's country
frigate a fast medium sized warship
Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau Who was the youngest member of the Corps of Discovery?
low food supplies What was the biggest threat faced by the Corps of Discovery during its crossing of the Rocky Mountains?
War Hawks What term was used to describe those pushing to go to war with Britain in the early 1800's?
the Prophet Tecumseh's brother Tenskatawa was also known as the what?
Republican What political party did the War Hawks belong to?
Federalist What political party's power ended with the War of 1812?
Treaty of Ghent What treaty ended the War of 1812
Battle of New Orleans What battle happened after the Treaty of Ghent was signed?
Sacagawea Who was an interpreter and major contributor to the success of Lewis and Clark expedition?
Santo Domingo The revolution in _______________ led to Napoleon selling the Louisiana Territory.
Toussaint Louverture He led the slave revolt in Santo Domingo
Napoleon Bonaparte French leader who had plans of creating an empire in Europe.
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