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people m-q

italian who wrote "The Prince" in the vernacular Machiavelli
portugues explorer who sailed for spain and was killed in the phillipines. his crew was the first to sail around the world Magellan
english economist who wrote "An Essay on the Principle of Population" he said that population would grow faster then food production Malthus
communist dictator of china 1949-76 he fought the japanese and had a series of civil wars with the nationalist under chang-kai-shek mao-tse-tung
french leader during the reign of terror, he was stabbed to death in the bathtub by charlotte corday Marat
italian who developed the wirless telegraph Marconi
president of the philippines 1976-87, he declared martial law in 1972 Marcos
he ruled rome 161-180 and was the last ruler of the pax romana, he was a stoic philosopher Aurelius
she was the queen of austria 1740-80 who fought frederick the great in the war of austrian succession and in the seven years war, she was the mother of joseph 2 and marie antoinette Maria Theresa
french queen 1774-93 who was married to louis 16, she was known as madame deficit and was executed in 1793 Marie Antoinette
he and joliet discovered and charted the MS river Marquette
german economist and philosopher who was the founder of communism Marx
queen of england 1553-58 she was the daughter of henry 8 and catherine of aragon, she was married to her cousin phillip 2 and tried to bring back the catholic faith in england, she was known as bloody mary mary 1
english queen 1689-92 who came to power along with her husband due to the glorious revolution mary 2
queen of scotland who was forced to abdicate the throne she fled to england where she had earlier declared herself the rightful heir to the throne of england elizabeth executed mary queen of scots
austrian archduke and puppet ruler of mexico 1864-67, he was put on the throne by napoleon 3, he was captured and shot in 1867 Maximillian
he formed the young italy and was called the "soul of italian unification" Mazzini
she was the first female prime minister of israel 1969-74 Meir
he united upper and lower egypt into one kingdom Menes
Austrian statesman who dominated the congress of vienna, he fought liberal ideas and revolution, he organized the quadruple alliance, the period of 1815-40 is named after him Metternich
famous renaissance painter, sculptor, etc. his sculptures include: Moses, David, and The Pieta., he is best known for his ceiling of the sistine chapel Michelanglo
general who was commander of french forces in canada during the french and indian war, he and british commander were both killed on the plains of abraham Montcalm
aztec ruler who was taken hostage by cortes Montezuma
british field marshall during ww2, he defeated Rommel at El-Alamein Montgomery
english author and statesman, wrote "Utopia" and opposed henry 8's split of the church, he was executed More
founder of islam Mohammed
in 1922 he became the first fascist dictator, he was the dictator of italy and was executed in 1945, he was often called Il Duce Mussolini
he was the emperor of france from 1804 to 1814, he was born on corsica and overthrew the directory Napoleon 1
president of the second french republic 1848-1852, and emperor of the second french empire 1852-1871, he lost the franco-prussian war Napoleon 3
he overthrew king farouk and controlled egypt during the suez crisis, he had many fights against israel Nassur
chaldean king of babylon who built the hanging gardens and began the babylonian captivity for jews Nebuchadnezzar
he was the first prime minister of India Nehru
english admiral who defeated french forces at the battle of the nile and trafalgar, he died at trafalgar Nelson
roman emperor 54-68 who blamed christians for the fire that destroyed much of rome in 64, he started persecution of the christians Nero
famous english mathematician and physician who discovered the laws of motion and universal gravitation, he also developed some of the ideas of calculus, he wrote "Principia" Newton
he was the czar of russia 1825-55 who put down the decemberist revolt and was the czar during the crimean war Nicholas 1
he invented dynamite and set up prized for writers, scientists, and peacemakers Nobel
he was a german general in the roman army, he overthrew the last roman emperor Odoacer
he was the leader of the revolutionary forces in chile, he kicked the spanish out of the country O'Higgins
he was the leader of italy at the end of ww1, he was one of the big 4 at the verailles peace conference Orlando
turkish leader who was the founder of the ottoman empire Osmon 1
first holy roman emperor of germany Otto the great
last ruler or shah of iran, he was overthrown in a revolution that brought khomeini to power Pahelevi
british statesman and prime minister of the 19th century one of the founders of the conservative party Peel
he was the first carolingian king of the franks 751-768, in order to become king, he made the donation to the church, theis was the basis for the papal staes Pepin the Short
he was the leader of athens in the golden age Pericles
president of argentina, who along with his wife, were popular for a time with his people, he was finally forced from power Peron
french general who was known as "the Hero of Verdun", during ww1, during ww2 he headed the nazi-controlled vichy government Petain
he is considered to be the first pope of the catholic church Peter
he was the russian czar who wanted to modernize and westernize his country, he fought sweden in the great northern war, he then moved his capital to st.petersburg Peter the Great
he led the poor people's crusade against the moslem turks, he failed to defeat them Peter the Hermit
italian renaissance poet and scholar who is considered the father of renaissance humanism Petrarch
king of macedonia who defeated the greeks, he is the father of alexander the great Phillip 2 of Macedonia
king of spain who had a great empire which made the country very wealthy, he often got into trouble over religion(revolt of huguenots in the spanish netherlands) he sent the spanish armada to england where it was defeated phillip 2
king of france 1285-1314 who got into a major dispute with the pope, he kidnapped the pope and moved him to avignon(babylonian captivity) Philip 4 the fair
british prime minister who organized several coalitions against napoleon Pitt the younger
he was foreign secretary and british prime minister during the seven years war Pitt the elder
spanish conquistador who defeated the Incas Pizzaro
greek philosopher whose teacher was socrates and whose most famous pupil was aristotle, he wrote "the republic" and had a school called the academy Plato
venetian who went to china in the 1270s and visited the court of Kublai Khan, wrote a book called "The Travels" Polo
roman general and statesman who along with caesar and crassus formed the first triumvirate, lost the civil war to caesar Pompey
established the oldest european settlement in puerto rico. in 1513 he discovered florida after searching of the fountain of youth Ponce de Leon
serbian nationalist who assassinated archduke francis ferdinand, this incident set off ww1 Princip
during ww2 he was a famous norwegian traitor, he became the puppet prime minister of norway, his name became a synonym for traitor Quisling
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