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Latin American Hstry

Latin American History

Asia First Americans crossed a land bridge from this continent.
Farm In order to settle in one place, first Americans had to learn to do this.
Nomads People who move from place to place in search of food and water.
Polytheism Belief in more than one god.
Montezuma the 2nd Leader of the Aztecs when conquered.
Atahualpa Leader of the Incas when conquered.
Three things that helped conquistadors defeat Ancient civilizations. Advanced weapons, use of horses and suits of armor.
The Ancient Civilizations had more men/soldiers/warriors.
Conquistador Spanish conqueror.
Hernando Cortes Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs.
Francisco Pizzara Conquistador who conquered the Incas.
Valley of Mexico Location of Aztecs.
Peru and the Andes Location of Incas.
Aztecs believed in more than one god. True.
Potatoes, Corn, and Gold Name items introduced to the Americas from Europe through the Columbia Exchange.
Peppers and Cocoa Name items introduce to Europeans through the Columbian Exchange.
Spanish Main language with majority of Latin American countries.
Europe, African & the Americas Regions included in the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Need for African Slaves Due to disease and death in Native American civilization.
The Caribbean Region in Latin America most influenced culturally by the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Brazil Latin American country that speaks Portuguese.
Disease killed off many of Native Americans and Spanish became the language of man South American countries. Two long lasting impact of the Columbian Exchange.
Decrease in Native American population due to disease. Reason African slaves were needed in Americas.
Simon Bolivar "The Liberator" greatest South American revolutionary leader.
Miguel Hidalgo He started the fight for independence in Mexico.
Toussaint L'ouverture Former slave who led Haiti to freedom.
Fulgencio Batista Cuban dictator ousted by Cuban Revolution.
Fidel Castro Cuba's new leader after revolution.
Democracy/Republic After Cuban Revolution, Castro promised this type of government.
Dictatorship/autocracy Cuba's government type before Revolution.
Dictatorship/autocracy Cuba's government type after Revolution.
Communism/Command Economy type of Cuba after Cuban Revolution.
Cuba's Weak Economy GDP of only $4500
Embargo An official ban on trade or commercial activity with another country.
The U.S. has a trade embargo with Cuba. True.
Ejercito Zapatista Zapatista Movement is named after this man.
Rights and Health Care. Two reasons for the Zapatista Movement.
Guerillas Small, mobile groups of non-government soldiers using tactics like ambush spying.
Chiapas Mexican State that the Zapatistas fought for .
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