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Chapter 4 lesson 3

The gold rush

Which country shared some the Oregon country extending north into Canada with the United States? Britain
When did part of the Oregon territory become Oregon state? When it had enough population (people)
What happened to the part of Oregon Territory that didn't become part of Oregon state? It became Washington Territory
Which present-day states were part of the Washington Territory? Washington, Idaho, and parts of Montana and Wyoming.
Name Idaho's first permanent pioneer settlement The town of Franklin
Who settled Idaho's first permanent pioneer settlement and who was their leader? A group of 13 Mormon families from Utah led by Thomas Smart.
Which tribes lived around the first permanent pioneer settlement? The Shoshone and the Bannock.
Name the other four Idaho towns first settled by Mormon pioneers. Montpelier, Ovid, Bennington, and St. Charles
What is 'flour' gold? Gold that looked as soft as flour
What is a prospector? People who searched for gold and silver
What does Oro fino mean in English, and what language is it? It is the Spanish word for flour gold
Where in Idaho and in what year was gold first found? Clearwater Valley in 1861
Who led the party of gold prospectors from California into what is now Idaho? Elias Pierce
Who owned the land in the Clearwater Valley on which gold was first discovered? the Nez Perce tribe
Name the first man from Pierce's group to find gold. Wilbur Bassett
Where in Clearwater Valley was gold first discovered, by Wilbur Bassett? Orofino Creek
Name the Nez Perce chief who allowed Pierce and his group to camp on tribal treaty land and build Pierce City. Chief Timothy
When the gold rush started, how many men worked in Pierce City at it's biggest? More than 7,000
What is a miner? A person who searches for gold and silver
Who started the town of Florence? Miners
How many people lived in Florence at the height of the gold rush? 10,000 people.
Name the supply town for the gold camps in the Clearwater Valley. Lewiston
Name the richest mining town in the Clearwater Valley, and the country, in 1862. Florence
In what year was gold first discovered in southern Idaho and the Salmon River Valley? 1862
Which two miners traveled to the Boise Basin in search of gold at the suggestion of a Native American friend? Moses Splawn and George Healy.
Where in the Boise Basin was gold first discovered? A Creek near the town of Bannock--now called Idaho City
Was more gold found in Florence or in the Boise Basin? Boise Basin
What well-known legend tells of who first found gold along the Coeur d'Alene River in the Silver Valley in northern Idaho? The story of Noah Kellogg and Old Bill
Name the richest source of silver in the entire country. Silver Valley, Idaho.
Name three towns that began silver mining towns in northern Idaho. Wallace, Kellogg, and Burke
Name the nation's (USA) richest silver mine. Sunshine Silver Mine
Name the largest underground mine in the United States. Bunker Hill Mine
What is a memorial? Something that helps us remember a person or an event.
What was Idaho's worst mining accident and in what year did it happen? A fire in the Sunshine silver Mine in 1972 that killed 91.
What is a pack train? A team of mules loaded with supplies
How many times a week did a steamboat travel to Lewiston to deliver supplies? 2 times a week.
Where did the gold supply trail lead? Boise Mountains, Silver City, and other hard to reach places.
Name one of the best known mule-packers in Idaho in the 1860s. Jesse Urquides
How many mules did Jesse Urquides use to move 9 tons of steel cable to Idaho City? 30 mules
How did a miner 'stake a claim"? Choose a piece of ground, then mark it with wooden stakes.
What do we call getting gold from the top of the ground or in a stream? Placer mining
What tools did a miner need to placer mine? shovel, pick, water, plenty of patience and one of the following: gold pan, sluice box, rocker, or a flume.
What do we call mining with powerful streams of water coming from a large hose? Hydraulic mining.
What is the correct name for underground mining? Lode mining
On which river did some miners take steamboats in order to get to the mine fields? The Columbia
Who lead miners into Idaho looking for the Lost Blue bucket Mine? Michael Jordan
Who was Old Bill? The mule borrowed by Noah Kellogg that discovered Silver Valley
Name the richest mining town on the Salmon River Florence
What percentage of silver in the United States comes from the Silver Valley? 10 percent
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