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MO Constitution

review of Missouri Constitution

Missouri came into the possession of the U.S. because of the Louisiana Purchase
This is the same for both houses of the Missouri legislature Political Qualifications
What is the capital city of Missouri? Jefferson City
What would be used by a group to demand that the people vote on a law already passed by the legislature? referendum
Who is the presiding officer of the house? the Speaker
What creates new district boundary lines according to a count of the people? reapportionment
What would be used to reduce the sentence of a person convicted of a crime? commutation
Who is responsible for investing state income? Treasurer
Who is responsible for preparing election ballots? Secretary of State
At which steps in a criminal case does the accused enter a plea to the charge? Arraignment Hearing
What is the main trial court for Missouri? Circuit Court
When a court decides whether an action conflicts with the constitution, it is setting what? precedent
The first court to be able to hear a certain case has what type of jurisdiction? original
What is used by the court to order a person being held by police be brought before the court? writ of habeas corpus
Having to live in the state of Missouri for 10 years is a constitutional qualification for what position? Governor
What would be used to forgive a person convicted of a crime and released from prison? pardon
What official serves as the liaison between the national government and the state of Missouri? Governor
What power would the Governor use if there was a flood along the Mississippi and he/she needed to keep order in the area? Military
What person will take the place of the Governor if the Governor can not complete his term? Lieutenant Governor
What official can give legal advice to other state officials? Attorney General
The Missouri Supreme Court has how many justices? 7
A justice on the Supreme Court serves for how many years? 12
What is the Missouri's legislature called? General Assembly
The principle that each house and senate district will have the same number of people is known as what? one man-one vote
Who is the only president from Missouri? Harry Truman
Created by: rhenson