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Lesson 19/20 PA Hist

4th Grade Social Studies

Wat was the war for freedom from 1775-1781. Between England and the American Colonies? American Revolution
What did the PA Dutch make to hold many pounds of goods? Conestoga Wagon
What is the word that means being faithful to a government? loyal
Steps to the American Revolution - Step One New York
Steps to the American Revolution - Step Two Philadelphia
Steps to the American Revolution - Step Three Trenton
Steps to the American Revolution - Step Four Crossing of the Delaware
When was Washington's first victory? Christmas
Who are people chosen to represent their state at a convention? delegates
What is a group of people who get together for the same reason? convention
What is the name of added changes to the constitution? amendments
What was our first written plan of government? Articles of Confederation
Where did the Constitutional Convention occur? Philadelphia
Who represented Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin and Gov. Morris
What are the 2 parts of Legislative Government? House of Representatives and Senate
Name PA's Senators Arlen Spector and Robert Casey, Jr.
Which state was the first state to sign the Constitution? Delaware
Who was Friedrich von Steuben? a German Army officer who volunteered to train Washington's army for free. His help made a difference.
For what was Valley Forge well known? It was the place where Washington's army camped for the winter in season of 1777-1778
What caused many soldiers to die at Valley Forge? disease and infection
Who was Mary Hays a Carlisle woman who followed her husband into battle and took his post at the cannon when he was injured.
Who was Molly Pitcher? Molly Pitcher was the nickname for Mary Hays because she carried pitchers of water to the troops on hot days.
Who was Sarah Bache? The daughter of Benjamin Franklin. She organized over 2,000 women to sew clothing for the troops.
Who won the American Revolution the 13 American Colonies
How did Benjamin Franklin help win the war? He got the French King to loan America money
Why was the Conestoga Wagon important to win the war it could haul heavy supplies to the American Army
Who was James Madison? He was a man from Virginia called "the father of the United States Constitution"
How are states represented in the House of Representatives? the number of representatives is determined by population.
How are states represented in the Senate there are 2 senators for every state.
How did the writers of the Constitution ensure that the Government of our country could grow and change? They provided the ability to make amendments
What are amendments? Changes to the Constitution that must be approved by 3 out of 4 of the states.
What is the Bill of Rights? a list of freedoms promised to American citizens by our government.
What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called? The Bill of Rights
How many amendments have been added to our Constitution? 17
Who was our first president? George Washington
Was this a strength or weakness of the Articles of Confederation: no central government weakness
Was this a strength or weakness of the Articles of Confederation:no power to build an army weakness
Was this a strength or weakness of the Articles of Confederation:no way to make people obey the law weakness
Was this a strength or weakness of the Articles of Confederation:no way to make and collect taxes weakness
Was this a strength or weakness of the Articles of Confederation:a written plan for government strength
Was this a strength or weakness of the Articles of Confederation:no way to solve arguments among the states weakness
Where was our country's FIRST capital? New York City
Where was our country's SECOND capital? Philadelphia
Where is our country's THIRD and current capital? Washington, DC
Created by: czeponis
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