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Kidney Channel

Kidney Channel Points and Function

Kidney 1 Jing Well, Wood point, Entry point, Sedation point;
Kidney 2 Spring point, Fire point-
Kidney 3 Stream point, Earth point- tonifies Qi, Yin, Yang and Essence of the kidney,
Kidney 4 Luo point, grasps the lung qi, stregnthens the Jing aspects of the spirit for lack of will, fear, lack of confidence;
Kidney 5 Xi cleft point; regulates the ren and chong, treats menstrual disorders, targets the umbilicus
Kidney 6 Opening point for the Yin Qiao (Motility Vessel), coupled or closing point for the Ren Mai (with Lu7 being opening point). Reflex point for cortisol.
Kidney 7 Jing River point, Metal point, Tonification point;
Kidney 8 Xi cleft of the Yin Qiao, regulates menstruation and stop uterine bleeding
Kidney 9 Xi cleft of the Yin Wei, tonifies Yin and blood, targets the chest, calms the spirit, benefits anxiety, transforms phlegm.
Kidney 10 He Sea point, Water, point, Horary/Element point; clears damp heat (UTI's) from the Kidneys.
Kidney 11-21 (all of these points are located on the Chong Mai along with St30)
Kidney 13 Reflex point for the Uterus and Prostate.
Kidney 16 level with Ren 8 (the umbilicus). Placenta Front Shu point. Manaka's Front Mu for the Kid, Reflex point for the adrenals
Kidney 19 level with Ren12 the front mu of the stomach, so therefore harmonize the stomach and spleen and stops pain in the abdomen
Kidney 21 Dark/Hidden Gate, related to Pyloric sphicter of the stomach, for mentally tormneted patients that are surrounded by darkness, going through hell
Kidney 22 Walking Corridor/Walking on the Veranda, Exit point, use with Pc1 in men and Pc2 in women. for those who are vulnerable and feel unprotected, fear of intimacy
Kidney 23 Spirit Seal/Coat of Arms, for one having issues with sense of self, lack of integration, physically strong but losing will to live,
Kidney 24 Spirit Ruin/Spirit Burial ground, considered a block to treatment (clearing this helps open the person up and ressurrect them), use after possession, rescues a person who has lost sight of who they are, no ambition, no will, spiritually dead
Kidney 25 Spirit Storehouse- treats Kidney & Heart deficiency, good for vulnerable paitents where one is depleted
Kidney 26 Comfortable Chest/Admist Elegance- moves Qi in the chest and lifts the spirits, removes gloom, under used spirit point that moves a person gently towards change rather than you must
Kidney 27 Shu Mansion,Shu of All Shu's,connects to backshupoints, Tonifies whole system,esp.adrenals.With lowerKid point i.e Kid3orKid6 Adds energy to system,
Kidney 1 targets the tongue, useful for yang rising, headaches, hypertension, emergency point for shock, benefits insomnia
Kidney 2 used for Kidney Yin deficient heat/Fire with night sweats, steaming bone disorders, etc. Reflex point for adrenaline
Kidney 3 anchors the lung qi, strengthens the back, good for sexual depletion
Kidney 4 assists in the treatment of sciatica and neck problems by connecting to the Bladder channel
Kidney 6 Reflex point for cortisol. Primarily Tonifies Kidney Yin and clears deficient heat, targets the throat
Kidney 7 Tonifies Kid Yang primarily (some sources include Yin) and helps deal with fluid metabolism problems such as sweating and edema
Kidney 9 Beautiful baby point to be used in 3rd and 6 months of pregnancy. Clears toxins and heavy metals. Reflex point for toxemia
Kidney 10 Also assistance in tonifying Kid Yin and Yang were damp heat is present, targets the genitals
Kidney 13 Tonfies Kidney essence and Moves stagnant Kid qi benefiting infertility. level with Ren4
Kidney 16 Harmonize the Heart and Kidneys, Harmonizes digestion and benefits constipation/diarrhea
Kidney 27 Good for impotence or frigidity Useful for helping one's spirit leave their body. Bone Mu
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