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Canadian History


List 4 reasons for Confederation 1. Political deadlock amongst the colonies 2. Railway was being built connecting all the colonies 3. The US cancelled the Reciprocity Treaty hindering trade 4. To strengthen BNA and make it self-sufficient 5. To expand into Rupert's Land
Which three parties formed the great coalition and who were their leaders? The Liberal/Conservative Party lead by John A. MacDonald The Reform Party lead by George Brown Le Parti Bleu lead by George Etienne Cartier
In what year did BC join Confederation? 1871
What prompted the formation of the great coalition? Political deadlock
What is a coalition? The temporary joining together of two or more political parties
Which event created hostilities between the Americans and BNA? The American Civil War
Who sold Rupert's Land to Canada? The Hudson's Bay Company
Which Act gave 65 hectares of land to settlers and how much were they asked to pay The Dominion Lands Act, $10
To whom was the contract for the CPR given to and how much money did the government pay to build the railway? Sir Hugh Allen, $25M
What scandal was MacDonald's government accused of in awarding the contract to Sir Allen? Accepting bribes known as the Pacific Scandal
What court system did W.L. MacKenzie put in place during his time as Prime Minister? The Supreme Court
What was formed in 1873 in response to the deaths of 36 Nakota people? The Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP)
Who was the general manager in charge of building the railway for the CPR? William Van Horne
Which area of Canada proved difficult to the builders of the railway requiring granite to be dynamited? The Canadian Shield
Louis Riel lead which movement in which province? The Northwest Resistance of 1885 in the Red River Settlement of Manitoba
Louis Riel surrendered after which Battle? What happened to him? The Battle of Batoch. He was hanged for treason.
Who hammered in the last spike of the Railway? Donald A. Smith
Who opposed the idea of Confederation? Joseph Howe and Antoine Dorion
What is the British North America Act and what did it set out to do? It created Canadian Confederation and it laid out the responsibilities of the Federal and Provincial governments.
What name was given to Rupert's Land after it was sold to Canada? Northwest Territories
What rights did the Metis negotiate as part of their agreement to join confederation? A representative in Ottawa, a bilingual government, Catholic and Protestant schools, protection for the Metis and First Nations lands.
What rights were granted BC as a result of The British Columbia Act? 1. 6 representatives in Ottawa (more than they would get with rep by pop? 2. Canada paid all their debts 3. The railway would extend all the way to the Rockies
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