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US Government 10

Gov. Ch. 10 vocab

apportion distribute, as in seats in a legislative body
reapportion redistribute, as in seats in a legislative body
off-year election congressional election that occurs between presidential election years
single-member district electoral district from which one person is chosen by voters for each elected office
at large election election of an office holder by the voters of an entire governmental unit rather than by the voters of a district or subdivision
Gerrymandering the drawing of electoral districts lines to the advantage of the party or group
continuous body governing unit whose seats are never all up for election at the same time
constituency the people and interests that an elected official represents
trustee law maker who votes based on his or her conscience and judgment, not the views of his or her constituents.
partisan lawmaker who owes his or her first allegiance to his or her political party and votes according to the party
politico lawmaker who attempts to balance the basic elements of the trustee, delegates and partisan roles
term two year period of time during which congress meets
session period of time during which each year congress assembles and conducts business
adjourn suspend, as in a session of congress
prorogue adjourn; as in a legislative session
special session an extraordinary session of a legislative body, called to deal with an emergency situation
oversight function review by legislative commities of the policies and programs of the executive branch
franking privilege benefit allowing members of congress to mail letters and other materials postage free
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