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8SS_Westward Expansi

Westward Expansion

What was the trail people traveled west on called? the Oregon Trail
What was the huge area beyond the Rocky Mountains? Oregon country
Who did Oregon rightfully belong to? Native Americans
What did the mountain men learn from the Native Americans? survival skills
What animal was trapped by many mountain men for its fur? the beaver
Who were the 1st white American settlers to build homes in the Oregon Country? missionaries
What spread quickly on the Oregon Trail since families had top travel long hours and were close to each other? diseases and germs
What was part of the Spanish colony of Mexico? Texas
Who was given a land grant by Spain to set up an American colony in Mexico? Stephen Austin
Who did Mexico win their independence from? Spain
Who was a dictator and leader of Mexico? Santa Anna
Where were 200 Texans held that is now located in present day San Antonio? Alamo
Where did Sam Houston attack Santa Anna's army? at the Battle of San Jacinto
What is the nickname for the country of Texas? the Lone Star State
Who was the first American to head to Santa Fe? William Becknell
self-sufficient able to produce enough for its own needs
vaqueros Indian and Mexican cowhands that worked on the ranches
Manifest Destiny the belief that the US had the right and the duty to spread its rule all the way to the Pacific Ocean
Who was elected President in 1844 because he favored expansion of the US? James K. Polk
Who tricked the US Senate by telling them Texas would become an ally of Britain? Sam Houston
What is the nickname of California? Bear Flag Republic
What future states did the US obtain in the Gadsden Purchase? Arizona and New Mexico
Who made the difficult journey to the land we call Utah today? the Mormons
Where was gold found? Sutter's Mill
What was the nickname for the 80,000 people that made the journey to California in 1849? the 49ers
What city grew from a sleepy town to a bustling city of newcomers due to the gold rush? San Francisco
Who still faced racial discrimination in California? African American and other minorities
Created by: ndmsteach