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8SS_Age Of Jackson

Democracy in the Age of Jackson

What were Americans unhappy with? the rich people's special privleges
Who wanted to be treated as equals? American servants
Suffrage the right to vote
Who had to choose the new President? the House of Representatives
Who was chosen as the new President? John Quincy Adams
What did John Q. Adams spend money on? to improve roads and canals
corrupt bargain when the winner engages in a crooked deal
Who had the right to vote? white men over the age of 21
What were two new parties that emerged after the conflict with Jackson and Adams? Whigs and Democrats
What did the Whig's want? the government to improve the country's economy
Who were the Democrats? average people, frontier farmers and factory workers
What did Jackson do at the age of 13? refused to clean a British officer's boots
What happened to Jackson when he refused to clean the British officer's boots? he was slashed in the face and hand with a sword
What was Andrew Jackson's nickname? Old Hickory
Who did Andrew Jackson defeat in the election of 1832? Henry Clay
Who was unsuccessful in stopping the invasions of the Native Americans? Pontiac and Tecumseh
Trail of Tears the Cherokee's long sorrowful journey west
nominating conventions where delegates from the states choose the party's candidate for President
corrupt bargain the winner engages in a crooked deal
caucus private meeting to choose their candidates for an office
nullification the idea of a state declaring a federal law illegal
Seminoles they were forced to move off their land after losing the war
Indian Removal Act Native Americans were forced to sign treaties agreeing to move west of the Mississippi
abomination something that is hated
Tecumseh Indian Chief who tried to stop the white men invasions
Martin Van Buren President after Andrew Jackson retired from office
Seminole War war fought between the US Army and the Indians
economic depression a severe and prolonged downturn in economic activity
Tariff of Abominations the southerners had to pay more taxes for imported goods
spoils system the practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs
mudslinging the use of insults to attack an opponent's reputation
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