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Great Depression


Depression A long lasting drop in nation's economy
Recession Adonturn in the nation's economy that is not as long as serious as a depression
Unemployment Rate The percent of workers who are looking for a job, but cannot find one.
Stock certificates that represent part ownership of a business
Stock Market A place where stock are bought and sold, such as the New York City
Overspeculate excessive and risky investment in the stock market, especially when using borrowed money
Federal Reserve the nation's central banks, established by the federal goverment
Tariffs taxes a country puts on imported goods ( products brought into the country from business in another country)
Imports/Exports Imports are goods that come into the country from other countries.Exports are goods sold by American companies to other countries
Dust Bowl the area of the Great Plains that was hit by the severe drought3 (low rain) that lasted throught most of 1930s.
Drought A period of dry weather, especially a long one that is injurious to crops
Crash of 1929 the very large drop in the value of stock certificates in 1920
Iflation economis. A persistent, substancial rise in the general level of prices related to an increased in the volume of money and resulting in theloss of value of currency (opposed to deflation)
New Deal the term for the many programs and agencies created by president Franklin Roosevelt and congress during the GD
Works Progress Administration (WPA) one of the New Deal programs created by president Franklin Roosevelt and congress during the GD
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) a New Deal programs created with two main goals; create jobs for unemployment young men,improve the enviroment
Agricultural Adjustmet Administration (AAA) a New
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