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New Deal Vocab

Depression and New Deal Vocab

Dow Jones Industrial Average The most widely used barometer of the stock market's health
spectulation The buying of stocks and bonds on the chance that the price will increase and the buyer can make a quick profit.
The Great Depression The period between 1929 and 1940 in which the economy plummeted and unemployment skyrocketed.
Herbert Hoover President of the United Stated between 1928 and 1932. Was the scapegoat in who was to blame for the Great Depression
Soup kitchens Offering free or low cost food to the homeless during the Great Depression.
Dust Bowl including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico, that was made worthless for farming by drought and dust storms by the 1930s
Boulder Dam Dam built on the Colorado River that was built during the Great Depression intended to stimulated business and provide jobs.
Bonus Army World War 1 vets and families who marched on D.C. to demand that they receive their payment from the War.
Civilian Conservation Corps Agency that put unemployed young men to work building roads, developing and maintaining parks and planting trees. About 3 million joined.
Agricultural Adjustment Act Act that raised crop prices by paying farmers to leave part of their field unplanted or not selling some of their animals
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Created in 1933 to insure individuals' bank savings up to $5000 should a bank fail.
Federal Emergency Relief Act Provided direct relief to the needy in the forms of food and clothes.
Federal Home Loan Bank Act Act that lowered home mortgage rates and allowed farmers to refinance their loans and avoid foreclosure
National Industrial Recovery Act Set up public works projects such as building schools by providing the states with money to created these jobs
National Labor Relations Board Agency that prevented the unfair labor practices and to mediate disputes between workers and management.
Home Owners Loan Corporation Helped people who couldn’t pay their loans.
Social Securities Act Provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities
Wagner Act protected the right of workers to join unions with the formation of the NIRA
National Youth Administration Provided job training for unemployed young people and gave financial aid and part time jobs to students.
Works Progress Administration Established more than 8 million jobs in the Second New Deal including jobs in construction, the arts, teaching and garment making.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation authorized $2 Billion for emergency financing of large corporations such as insurance companies, railroads, and other large businesses.
New Deal President Roosevelt's program to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression. focusing on relief, recovery and reform.
Securities and Exchange Commission Agency that monitors the stock market and enforces laws regulating the sale of stocks and bonds
Tennessee Valley Authority Constructed dams along the Tennessee River to supply jobs and electricity to the local population as well as prevent flooding
Eleanor Roosevelt went around the US to meet with the people and informed Franklin Roosevelt aoub what actions to take
New Deal Coalition Diverse group dedicated to the Democratic Party
Frankin Roosevelt Elected President in 1932, reform-minded Governor of New York who was related to Teddy Roosevelt
Mary McLeod Bethune African American leader who advised FDR on racial issues as well as became a leader for the NYA
John Collier Commissioner of Indian Affairs, who gave the Native American tribes more autonomy.
Federal Securities Act A law that required corporations to provide complete and accurate information on all stock offerings
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