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Ch.8 Colonies Unite

Benjamin Franklin -Sent as a delegate/representative to deal with the French forces -Said colonies should unit to fight the French. His idea (Albany Plan of Union) was not approved.
George Washington -Led Virginians and quickly built Fort Nesse, which was attacked by French and allies.
King George ||| -Made the proclamation of 1763, said all land west of Appilachian Mountians belonged to the Native Americans.
Mercy Otis Warren -Disagreed with taxes on Paper items, -Started writing plays about how British leaders being greedy
Patrick Henry -Told members of House of Burgeses that Parliament did not represent the colonies.
Samuel Adams -Organized the first Committee of Correspondence -Spoke out against British Imperial Polices
Crispus Attucks -African American sailor thought to be first person killed in fight for the colonies freedom
Paul Revere -Boston Silversmith -Rode to Lexington and Concord to tell people of Britain's plans
Thomas Gage -Was a Bristish General -Sent 700 Bristish Soldrers to Lexington and Concord
John Hancock - Met in Lexington
John Dickinson -Was apart of the Second Continental Congress meeting as a delegate -Wanted the group to avoid fighting
John Adams -Delegate from Massachusetts -Said Independence Day should be celebrated buy suceeding generarions...from this day forward
Thomas Paine -Wrote the book COMMON SENSE; inside said colonists should rule themselves
Richard Henry Lee -Told other delegates that 13 colonies no longer owed loyalty to the king -
Thomas Jefferson -Every evening for about 17 days, he wrote and rewrote the draft of the Declaration of Independence -Used knowledge of law/government to explain his ideas
Abigal Adams -Wife of John Adams
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