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Populism&the 1890s

Reasons to know about the 1890's 1. Republicans turn themselves into the dominant majority party for 35 years. 2. Decade full of tension 3. A lot of controversy over big business corporations and their role in society.
1893 Depression 2nd worse in American history; before social welfare (couldn't turn to government for help), lasted for 5 years.
Problems for Farmers 1. Had to deal with big business monopolies 2. Bad weather; drought; hard for farmers to grow crops 3. Low prices; too many farmers growing too much food 4. Share cropping: Landowners rent land to farmers
Labor Strikes Conditions weren't very good for workers
Pullman Strike (1894) George Pullman owned a railroad company. Cut wages of workers, company went on strike, in sympathy all of the countries railroad workers went on strike.
Grover Develand (1885-1889) (1893-1897) Did not strike. Interefering with the mail; committing a federal crime; railroad cars delivered mail; sent in soldiers to break up strike and was successful
Coxey's Army Jacob Coxey, wealthy man from Ohio. Disturbed by the poverty around him; wanted the govt. to hire people and put them into work on public projects; held a march to D.C to pressure congress; 600 people showed up and were arrested
Populism (Social Movement) Large #'s of people organize to change something they don't like; lower class social movement whose goal was to stick it to big businessman; started by farmers
Organized Farmers Alliance Union for farmers; decided to form a political party (The Ropolous party) to stick it to big business man
Free Silver Deflation - prices and wages go down; used to inflation; bad if you owe money; make less money; bad for poor people
Goldbugs Those who opposed free silver; didn't want money to lose it's value; wanted deflation to continue.
Graduated Income Tax The more $ you earned the higher the percentage you pay in taxes
James Weaver 1892 Populous Candidate; Democratic; didn't do a bad job; understood there is only room for 2 political parties; needed to ally themselves with either Dem or Rep.
William Jennings Bryan 1896 Election; 36 y/o boy wonder. Great speaker, aimed messages to the poor and emphasized free silver; Gave over 600 speeches; compared business men to the romans crucifying Jesus; Populous Candidate as well (apart of 2 political parties)
William McKinley (1897-1901) Good decent man, who fought in civil war, quite likeable guy. Republican candidate; aimed messages to middle class; said they could fix the problems;
Results from 1896 election 1. McKinley won in the 1900 election as well. 2. Began an era of Republican political domination 3. Most Americans agreed with Republicans and McKinley 4. Beginning of the end of hard economic times - after 1896- Gold discovered in many places
Created by: FaithRaquel2015
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