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PRE1 2009-2 1-12


predate to exist or happen at an earlier time than (something or someone); 〈…より〉前に来る.
withstand to not be harmed or affected by (something); 〈人・力・困難などに〉抵抗する,逆らう
clarify to make (something) clear or clearer: such as; 〈意味などを〉明らか[明白]にする; はっきりと説明する.
interfere to become involved in the activities and concerns of other people when your involvement is not wanted; 〈人・物事が〉妨げる,じゃまをする
emerge to become known or apparent; 出てくる,現われる
comply to do what you have been asked or ordered to do; 〔要求・規則に〕応じる,従う
vacant not filled, used, or lived in; 空(から)の,空虚な,空っぽの
filthy very dirty; very offensive or disgusting and usually about sex; 不潔な,よごれた,汚い. みだらな,下品な,卑猥(ひわい)な.
accusation a claim that someone has done something wrong or illegal : a charge that someone has committed a fault or crime; 告発,告訴: 非難、言いがかり
vessel a ship or large boat; 容器,器 : (通例ボートより大型の) 船
sequel a book, movie, etc., that continues a story begun in another book, movie, etc; 続き,続編,後編 〔to〕.
installment any one of a series of small payments that you make over a long time until you have paid the total cost of something ;分割払い(の 1 回分), 分割払いの払込金
competent having the necessary ability or skills : able to do something well or well enough to meet a standard; 有能な,能力のある
trivial not important; ささいな,つまらない.
erupt to send out rocks, ash, lava, etc., in a sudden explosion ;〈火山が〉爆発する,噴火する: 〔怒りなどを〕爆発させる
eliminate to remove (something that is not wanted or needed) : to get rid of (something) ; 〈…を〉除く,除去する.
encase to completely cover (something); 〈…を〉箱(など)に入れる; 包む
abound to be present in large numbers or in great quantity ; 〈生物・もの・問題などが〉たくさんいる[ある].
resent to be angry or upset about (someone or something that you think is unfair): 〈…に〉腹を立てる,憤る,憤慨する
irresistible impossible to resist especially because of strength or attractiveness ;〈力など〉抵抗できない: 愛らしい,魅力的な.
perturb to cause (someone) to be worried or upset ; 〈…を〉混乱させる,不安にさせる.
defect a problem or fault that makes someone or something not perfect ; 欠点,欠陥; 弱点
confidential secret or private ; 〈人が〉信任の厚い,腹心の.
construction the act or process of building something (such as a house or road) ; 建造, 建設,架設
speculation ideas or guesses about something that is not known ; (確実な根拠なしの)思索,沈思; 推測,憶測
Created by: na235
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