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Hebrews and Judaism

Test Review

Abraham God promised to lead this man to a new land and make his descendants into a mighty nation.
High Holy Days The two most sacred Jewish holidays-Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
Talmud A set of commentaries, stories and folklore
Passover A time for Jews to remember the Exodus from Egypt
Ten Commandments A code of moral laws written on two stone tablets Moses received them on Mount Sinai
Dead Sea Scrolls Written 2,000 years ago by Jews to explain ancient Jewish beliefs
Zealots Rebellious Jews who didn't think Jews should answer to anyone but God. They rebelled against the Romans.
Diaspora The scattering of Jews outside Canaan
Moses God told this man to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt during the 1200s BC
rabbis Religious teachers who educate others about Judaism
Torah The most sacred text in Judaism-every synagogue has at least one
Mosaic laws are different from the Ten Commandments because they guide Jews daily lives (Orthodox Jews)
The purpose of the Talmud is to explain Jewish laws
How did Judaism influence the development of Islam The first people to follow Islam believe they descended from Abraham
Many Jews moved throughout the Mediterranean region after the second Jewish revolt against the Romans
Chaldeans They captured Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon's temple in 586 BC (lead to Babylonian captivity)
Yiddish A language created by the Jews (Hebrew and German)
Solomon Son of David, built a great temple to God in Jerusaleum
Ashkenazim Descendants of Jews who moved to France, Germany and Eastern Europe during the Diaspora
Sephardim Descendants of Jews who moved to Spain, Portugal and Western Europe during the Diaspora
Exodus The Hebrews' departure from Egypt
Saul, David and ______________ are the first three kings of Israel. This third king was David's son. Solomon
Jerusalem became Israel's new capital under this kings rule. David
Four groups who controlled the Jews and banned them from Israel. Babylonians, Chaldeans, Persians and Romans
This Hebrew woman is seen as a model of devotion to one's family. Ruth
This family led a successful revolt in the 160s BC. For about 100 years the Jews again ruled their own kingdom. Maccabees
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