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US/VA Unit 3 Vocab

American from 1790 to 1850

Thomas Jefferson A eader of the Democratic-Republican Party; also served as President of the United States
James Madison A leader of the Democratic-Republican Party; he served as President of the United States
Federalists One of the nation's first political parties which would eventually be replaced by the Democratic-Republican Party
Anti-Federalists One of the nation's first political parties which would eventually be replaced by the Democratic-Republican Party
Jay Treaty This treaty stipulated that the British had to give up their forts on American soil but could keep restrictions on American ships. Americans had to pay pre-war debt.
Bank of the United States Regulated state banks, strengthened national government and ensured business interests of those aligned with the U.S.
Louisiana Purchase Occurred in 1803 and doubled the size of the United States overnight.
Lewis & Clark Explored new territories that lay west of the Mississippi River
Sacajawea American Indian woman who served as translator for Lewis & Clark
War of 1812 War between the British and Americans that lasted nearly 3 years.
Monroe Doctrine 1823 document that asserted American authority over the Western hemisphere
Industrial Revolution An increase in technology led to an increase in manufacturing which drastically changed American society
Eli Whitney Inventor of the cotton gin which increased the slavery-based "King Cotton" South
Alamo Site of an armed revolt against Mexican rule in Texas
Mexican War 1840's war which led to an increase in territory in the present-day Southwest
Trail of Tears Several Cherokee tribes were forcibly relocated from the Atlantic coastal states to modern day Oklahoma
Era of the Common Man Era that led to a new political party and emphasis on down-to-earth values, led by Andrew Jackson
Whigs Nationalists who wanted a strong federal government to manage the economy
tariffs tax on imported goods
MIssouri Compromise 1820 Compromise which dealt with slavery in the area of the Louisiana Purchase
Compromise of 1850 Compromise which brought California into the Union as a "free state"
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 Repealed the Missouri Compromise line, giving people in Kansas & Nebraska a choice over slavery
Nullification Crisis Attempt by states to nullify federal laws that the states deemed unconstitutional
Nat Turner Led a slave revolt in Virginia
William Lloyd Garrison Publisher of The Liberator
franchise the right to vote
Seneca Falls Declaration A key event in the women's suffrage movement, led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
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