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State of Idaho

State of Idaho Timeline from the Idaho Blue Book

When Idaho became a state, which President signed it into law? President Benjamin Harrison
When was the first meeting of the Idaho Legislature? 1890- the year Idaho became a state
When were laws made concerning public water and irrigation? 1895
In 1899, Governor Steunenberg called in federal troops to help suppress riots in what city? Coeur d'Alene
Why were there riots in Coeur d'Alene in 1899? There was dynamiting in the mining district
In 1906, the largest sawmill in the United States was started where? Potlatch
In 1936, the World's first ski chair lifts opened where? Sun Valley
Who was Idaho's first presidential candidate? William E. Borah
When was highway 95 finished paving? It was a north-south highway. 1938
What is the name of the military air base south of Boise? Gowen Field
Where is the J.R. Simply food dehydrator operation? Caldwell
Where was the site of the world's first use of nuclear fission to produce electricity? National Reactor Testing Station
When did television come to Idaho? 1953
What was the first city to get television in Idaho? Boise
Governor Cecil D. Andrus resigns as governor to come _____________ Secretary of the Interior
The Idaho Statesman newspaper did an investigation in 1979 and found that ____________ had been injected into the Snake River aquifer plutonium
Who was NASA's teacher in Space from Idaho? Barbara Morgan of McCall, Idaho
When did Governor Cecil Andrus begin a temporary ban on shipments of nuclear waste into Idaho? 1988
In 1990, Idaho celebrated it's _______________ Centennial
In 1998, Picabo Street won a gold medal in ____________ giant slalom (skiing)
Who was the olympic gold medalist from Idaho in giant slalom? Picabo Street
How long was the longest legislative session in Idaho history? 118 days
Who was the first Idaho Governor to sue the federal government over health care reform? Governor Otter
What animal was re-listed on the endangered species list in 2010? wolves
What ski resort closed in 2009 because it couldn't make enough money? Tamarack
What president visited Boise in 2009? Barack Obama
What football game did the BSU broncos win after a perfect season in 2006? The Fiesta Bowl
President Bush nominated which governor to become Secretary of the Interior? Governor Dirk Kempthorne
Created by: bdt9
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