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Blue Book Questions

Questions from the Idaho Blue Book

How many Official Idaho state holidays are there? 10
How many square miles large is Idaho? 83,557 square miles
What is the Idaho state motto? Esto Perpetua
What does the state motto mean? Let it be perpetual (forever)
Where is the lowest elevation in Idaho? Lewiston
Where is the highest elevation in Idaho and what is that elevation? 12,662 feet above sea level at the summit of Mt. Borah, in Custer County, in the Lost River Range
Where did the name Idaho come from originally> It was suggested for Colorado, but was the name of a steamship which traveled the Columbia River
On what date did Idaho enter the Union (become a state) July 3rd, 1890
Name the largest lake in Idaho Lake Pend Oreille
How big is Lake Pend Oreille 180 square miles
On what date did Idaho become a territory? March 4th, 1863
Which U.S. president signed the act making Idaho a territory? Abraham Lincoln
Where is the geographic center of Idaho? settlement of Custer on the Yankee Fork river, Custer Country
What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Idaho, and where was it recorded? 118 degrees at Orofino July 28, 1934
How many navigable rivers does Idaho have? 5
Name Idaho's navigable rivers Snake, Coeur d'Alene, St. Joes, St. Maries, Kootenai Rivers
What is Idaho's nickname? The Gem State
How many of the United States were discovered by Europeans before Idaho? 49. We were the last state to be discovered.
How wide is Idaho at its widest point? 305 miles wide
How long is Idaho at its longest point? 479 miles long
How wide is Idaho at its narrowest point? 45 miles wide
How long is Idaho at its shortest point? 164 miles long
What is the county seat of Ada County? Boise
What is the county seat of Canyon County? Caldwell
How many verses are there in our state song? 2
Who wrote the verses to our state song? Albert J. Tompkins
Who wrote the chorus of our state song? McKinley Helm
Who wrote the music (composed) our state song? Sallie Hume-Douglas
What is the name of our state song? Here We Have Idaho
How many landforms are listed in the state song? Name them 4. Valleys, Hills, Nook, Rills
What minerals are named in our state song? Silver and gold
What was the original title for the music our state song is set to? Garden of Paradise
In what year was "Here We Have Idaho" designated as our state song by the Idaho legislature? 1931
Name the Idaho State Dance Square Dance
Name the state horse Appaloosa
Name the state fish Cutthroat Trout
Name the state flower Syringa
Name the state fossil Hagerman Horse Fossil
Name the state fruit Huckleberry
Name the state bird Mountain Bluebird
Name the state raptor Peregrine Falcon
Name the state gem Star Garnet
Name the state tree Western White Pine
Name the state insect Monarch Butterfly
Name the state vegetable potato
Who is the current governor of Idaho, and how many terms has he served? C.L. "Butch" Otter. 3 terms
Who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Idaho? Brad Little
What are the requirements that need to be met to be a U.S. Senator? Get the most popular votes, Be at least 30 years old, be a U.S. Citizen for at least 9 years, must live in the state for which you are chosen, term of office 6 years
How long is a term for a U.S. Senator? 6 years
How many U.S. Senators does Idaho have? 2
Name the Idaho U.S. Senators, how many terms they have served, and the district they represent. Michael D. Crapo, 2nd district, 3 terms. James E. Risch, 1st district, 2 terms.
What are the necessary requirements to be a U.S. Representative? At least 25 years old, U.S. citizen for at least 7 years, live in the state for which you are chosen, 2 year term
How long is a term for U.S. Representatives? 2 years
Who are the Representatives from Idaho, which districts do they represent, and how many terms have they served? Raul Labrador, District 1, 3 terms. Michael Simpson, District 2, 8 terms.
Who is the Idaho Secretary of State? Lawrence Denney
Who is the Idaho State Controller? Brandon D. Woolf
Who is the Idaho State Treasurer? Ron Crane
Who is the Idaho Attorney General? Lawrence G. Wasden
Who is the Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction? Sherri Ybarra
What are the 5 qualifications needed to be a voter in Idaho? Be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, live in Idaho for at least 30 days before election day, live in the country at least 30 days before voting, be registered to vote
Who is the Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court? Roger S. Burdick
Name the other 4 Idaho Supreme Court Justices Warren E Jones, Jim Jones, Joel Horton, Daniel T Eismann
In the Idaho Legislature, how many Senators are there, and how many Representatives? 35 Senators, 70 Representatives
How many Legislative districts are there in Idaho? 35, each served by 1 Senator and 2 Representatives
Who presides over the Senate? The Lieutenant Governor
Who presides over the House of Representatives The speaker of the House
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by C.L. Butch Otter? A Bachelor of Arts Degree
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by Brad Little? A Bachelor of Science Degree
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by Lawrence Denney? A Bachelor of Science Degree
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by Brandon D Woolf? Master's Degree
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by Ron Crane? an Associates Degree
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by Lawrence G Wasden? Bachelor's Degree, Juris Doctorate
What is the highest level of schooling achieved by Sherri Ybarra? Masters Degree
What is the salary of Governor Otter? $120,785
What is the salary of Lieutenant Governor Brad Little? $42,275
What is the salary of Secretary of State Lawrence Denney? $102,667
What is the salary of State Controller Brandon Woolf? $102,667
What is the salary of State Treasurer Ron Crane? $102,667
What is the salary of Attorney General Lawrence Wasden? $124,000
What is the salary of Superintendent Sherri Ybarra? $102,667
Does the boundary line between Congressional District 1 and Congressional District 2 run more North/South or East/West? North/South
Describe the general climate in Idaho It is diverse, with more precipitation in the northern parts, warmer summer temperatures in the southern part, no hurricanes, tornadoes are rare
What major event caused Idaho to be recognized as a territory earlier than expected? a gold rush
Which U.S. President approved Idaho as a territory? President Abraham Lincoln
On what date did Idaho become an official territory? March 4, 1863
Who designed the Idaho State seal? Emma Edwards Green
What prize did the designer of the Idaho State seal receive? $100
What is unique (special) about the designer of the Idaho State seal? She is the first, and only, woman to design the Great Seal of a state
On what date were the present day boundaries for Idaho established? When Idaho became a state, July 3rd 1890
How many Idaho State Judicial Districts are there? 7
How many counties are there in Idaho? 44
Name the county seat of Ada County Boise
Name the county seat of Canyon County Caldwell
On what date was Ada County established? December 22, 1864
In what year did Boise become the capital of Idaho? 1865
For whom was Ada county named? Ada Riggs, the first white child born in the area, and daughter of one of the founders of Boise, H.C. Riggs
For whom or what was Canyon County named? Either the canyon of the Boise River near Caldwell, or the Snake River canyon, which forms a county border
How many state universities are there in Idaho? 3
Name the state universities in Idaho Boise State University, University of Idaho, Idaho State University
How many legislative districts are in Idaho? 35
How many members are there in the Idaho State legislature? 35 Senators and 70 Representatives
What are the requirements to become and Idaho Governor? most votes in general election, at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a 2 year Idaho resident
how many congressional districts are there in Idaho? 2
In which congressional district is Ada county? both, but mostly #2
When was the Idaho State Department of Education first organized? 1891
Where do you register to vote? with your County Clerk or precinct registrar, you can also mail it in
When was Canyon County established? March 7, 1891
When does the Idaho legislature convene? each January on the Monday closest to January 9th
When are elections held? in November of even-numbered years
Who is the leader of the Idaho Senate? Lieutenant Governor Brad Little
Who is the leader of the Idaho House of Representatives? Speaker of the House Scott Bedke
What is the state amphibian? Idaho Giant Salamander
What rank is Idaho in area size compared to the other states? 13th largest
What number state was Idaho to join the Union? 43rd
What was the population of Idaho in 2010? 1,567,582 (about 1.5 million)
What is the water area of Idaho? 880 square miles
Where and when was the lowest temperature in Idaho? -60 at Island Park Dam on January 18th, 1943
Name the 10 official state holidays New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Human Rights Day), Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
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