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10th U.S. History


Over production Farmers over produced
Over speculation People bought stocks on margin
Black Tuesday October 29,1929 stock market crashed
Under consumption People bought less
Protective Tariffs High tax on imports lessening the demand for US goods
Unequal distribution of wealth More poor then rich
What were Hoovervilles and why were they called that? Temporary buildings and were called Hoovervilles, because they blamed Hoover
What did the bonus army want?Did they get what they were after? They wanted their veterans bonus and no
_____won the election in 1932, because the people blamed Hoover and the____for the Great Depression Franklin D. Roosevelt; Republicans
FDR came into office with his domestic policy called New Deal
What happened on FDR's first 100 days? 15 New Deal bills were passed through Congress
New Deal programs or alphabet soup agencies-primarily focused on Relief, reform, and recovery
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps
AAA Agriculture Adjustment Act
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
PWA Public Works Administration
SSA Social Security Act
Black Cabinet Black advisors to FDR
Brain Trust FDR's personal advisors from Columbia University
Fireside Chat Gave people the feeling
Explain the Dust Bowl? A drought and over plowing
Why did people go to the movies? To forget about their struggles
Define the 18th and 21st amendment Prohibition;repeal of prohibition
What was so ironic about overproduced crops? So much hunger amidst of all the food
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