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Constitution Bowl

The 7 Articles of the Constitution

As stated in the preamble, list 6 reasons the founding fathers ordained and established the Constitution. perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, common defense, promote general welfare, secure blessing of liberty
What is the supreme law of the land, by which judges in every state are bound? The United States Constitution
How many articles of the Constitution are there? 7
What are the three branches of government? legislative (congress), executive, judicial
What is Article 1 about? The Congress or the legislative branch
What are the two legislative bodies that make up Congress? The Senate and the House of Representatives
How long is the term of office for the House of Representatives? 2 years
Why is the term of office of the the House of Representatives only 2 years? The Founding Fathers wanted them to answer to the people frequently.
Who do the members of the House of Representatives represent Constituents
How many representatives does each state get? It is determined by population
How old to yu have to be to run for the House of Representatives? 25 years old
Who presides over the House of Representatives? The Speaker of the House
How is the Speaker of the House determined? The members of the House of Representatives vote
Where d all bills dealing with taxes originate? The House of Representatives
How many senators does each state have? 2
What is the total number of senators in the Senate? 100
How many Senators does Washington D.C. have? None - it is a city, not a state.
How long is the term of office for the senators? 6 years
Who is the President of the Senate? The Vice President of the United States.
When is the only time senators ever function as judges? During a presidential impeachment
If a president is convicted by 2/3 of the members of the senate present at an impeachment, what is the result? He is removed from office and is prohibited from future service.
How long does the president have to veto a bill? 10 days (excluding Sunday)
Why can a presidential veto be overridden by congress? As par of the system of checks and balances.
Who may declare war against another nation? Congress
Whose responsibility is it to raise and support the Army and the Navy? Congress
If the Legislature cannot meet, who has power to follow through on the United States' guarantee to protect each state against invasion? The Executive (President)
What is Article II about? The Executive branch
How long is the term of office for the President? 4 years
Who elects the President of the United States? Electors who are appointed by each state.
Does the president of the United States need to be born in America? Yes
Why does the president of the United States need to be a natural born citizen? The Founding Fathers felt that someone born here would be more likely to have the interests of the United States at heart.
How old do you have to be to run for President of the United States? 35
Who is the Commander in Chief? The President
How many terms can the President of the United States be elected to serve? 2 terms
What is Article III about? The judicial branch
How long can a judge hold his/her position? For life, depending on good behavior
Do all citizens have a right to trial by jury? Yes, except in cases of impeachment
What is judicial activism? When in deciding a case before them, a judge or court makes new law.
What is Article IV about? States powers and cooperation between states AND each state must proved a republic form of government (no kings, etc.)
New states may join the United States with approval from the Congress, according to two rules. Name them both. (1) No state can be created inside another state which already exists; and (2) Two states cannot merge together to make one without both federal and state approval.
What is Article V about? The amendment process
Which Article of the Constitution sets forthe the procedure, involving two-thirds of both Houses or two-thirds of individual states, to create constitutional changes which are called Amendments? Article V
Can the Constitution every be changed? Yes, it can be amended.
What is Article VI about? Treaties, debt, and Oaths. It also established the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
Senators, representative, members of state legislation and all executive and judicial officers are expected to show they are bound to support the Constitution by doing what? Taking an oath of office.
Which ARticle of the Constitution states that no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to serve in public office? Article VI
What is Article VII about? Ratification of the constitution by the states
What is the name of the process the federal government uses to approve a state joining the Union? ratification
Created by: lonniewood
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