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chapter9 test review


conflicts arose in the early 1800s between the united states and the Seminole Indian tribe in Florida because that tribe raided U.S. settlements and aided runaway slaves
which of the following statements best describes the election of 1824 Andrew Jackson won the popular vote but did not have enough electoral votes to win office
during the 1820, sectionalism grew in the United States because politicians disagreed over the interests of different regions
the primary goal of henry clays American system was to make the united states economically independent
what are spirituals native American prayers
In the early 1800s, education reforms resulted from the new American cultures views on education, which was a democracy that needed educated and informed citizens to survive, so public schools were supported
Which issue caused disagreements along educators in the 1830s coeducation
which of the following best describes Thomas Cole American poet who wrote about the frontier life
what compromise did the United States and Spain reach in the Adams Otis Treaty the U.S. would receive the Missouri territory from Spain in return from parts of the Oregon Country
Missouri entered the union as a slave state
_______was an American writer whose satirical writings warned Americans to learn from the past and be cautious about the future Washington Irving
rush bagot agreement the_______ was a compromise between Great Britain and the United States that limited naval power on the Great lakes for both countries
the_______ was a group of artist whose paintings showed national pride and an appreciation for the American landscape Hudson river school
the ______ was an official statement released by the president in1822 that warned European powers not to interfere with the Americas Monroe doctrine
the house of representatives chose _____ as a president in the election of 1842 john Quincy Adams
the ____ was a peace, pride, and progress in the United States that lasted from 1815 to 1825 era of good feelings
the _____ ran from Albany to buffalo, New York and allowed people and goods to travel quickly by water between towns on the east coast Erie canal
______ strengthened ties between the United states and Latin America and led the country during its period of nationalism James Monroe
the united States wanted sole control over Oregon Country to profit from the fertile farm land and good climate of the region. false
following the American revolution, Americans began to model architecture in the united States after the styles used In Ancient Greece and Rome false
general Andrew Jacksons presence in Florida angered Spanish leaders who refused to give up territory false
during the early and mid-1800s, Americans went through a period of religious revivalism in which reawakening of religious faith was promoted true
in the years following the American revolution, songs called spirituals focused on everyday life true
after the American revolution, American writers began to create works that focused solely on the European traditions and society false
George Caleb Bingham's paintings depicted scenes from the American frontier false
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