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Louisiana Purchase

What President was responsible for the purchase? Thomas Jefferson
What country was the Louisiana territory purchased from? France
By how much did the purchase increase the size of the US? It doubled the size
Why was the Mississippi vital to the development of the present day states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee? The Mississippi was the only way to get goods from these areas to a port where they could be shipped to markets.
Why was New Orleans one of the most important cities on the North American continent. New Orleans controlled the mouth of the Mississippi. No products could be shipped down the Mississippi and out to markets without going through New Orleans.
If the French had tried to dominate the Mississippi, how would the US have responded? The US would have joined the British side in their war against France.
What was the per/acre price the US paid for the Louisiana Purchase? 3 cents per acre
What was the immediate result of the purchase? Americans began moving west into the new territory.
The Louisiana Purchase was first explored by what expedition? The Lewis and Clark Expedition.
What was the stated purpose of the expedition? To gather information about the plants, animals, and native people of the region
How were Lewis and Clark treated by the Native Americans they encountered? The native people gave assistance in the form of food and other supplies and by supplying guides and translators.
Why did Lewis and Clark follow rivers whenever possible? Travel by boat was easier and safer.
What were the long-term results of the expedition? The expedition created great interest in the region, spurred many Americans to move into the territory, and increase knowledge of the flora and fauna of the American West.
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