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L.p war of 1812

Louisiana Purchase

What President was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
From what country did the US buy the Louisiana Territory? France
By how much did the Louisiana Purchase increase the size of the US? It doubled the size of the country.
Why was the Mississippi River vital to the development of the present-day states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee? The Mississippi was the only way to get goods from these areas to a port where they could be shipped to markets.
Why was New Orleans one of the most important cities on the North American continent? No products could be shipped down the Mississippi and out to markets without going through New Orleans. If the French or Spanish closed the city to US shipping producers in the western part of the US could not sell their goods.
The Louisiana Purchase was first explored by what expedition? Lewis and Clark expedition
What was the stated purpose of the expedition? to explore the land west of the Mississippi
How were Lewis and Clark treated by the Native Americans they encountered? the native Americans provided them with supplies for the winter
What were the long-term results of the expedition? The expedition created great interest in the region, spurred many Americans to move into the territory, and increase knowledge of the flora and fauna of the American West.
What is impressment? the act of taking men into a navy by force and with or without notice.
What is Manifest Destiny? term for the attitude prevalent during the 19th century period of American expansion
Why did both Britain and France try to interfere with American maritime trade with each other in the early 1800’s? Britain was locked in a long and bitter conflict with Napoleon Bonaparte’s France
Besides stopping American ships on their way to trade with France, what other action did the British NAVY take that angered Americans? - Britain passed the Orders in Council - impressment by the royal navy
Americans in the western part of the new nation were especially eager for war with Britain. What British actions led westerners to agitate for war? Americans in the western part of the new nation were especially eager for war with Britain. What British actions led westerners to agitate for war?
Why were Americans in New England against war with Britain? New England depended on trade with Britain and would lose money if the two nations went to war.
What was America’s worst defeat during the War of 1812? The British captured the city of Washington and burned the capital and the White House.
What battle was America’s most important victory over British forces? Battle of new Orleans
What was the result of the war for the Federalist party? the federalist party demised
Created by: Savandan
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