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U.S. History A Final

Great Migration During and after World War One, African-Americans moved from rural areas in the South to urban areas in the North for economic opportunities
Freedmen's Bureau organization that supplied former slaves with food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies. built schools to educate former slaves
sharecropping former slaves worked for their former owners doing what they knew how to in exchange for a place to live, food, clothing, and a small amount of money
Jim Crow Laws created to discriminate against African Americans by having "Seperate but Equal" schools, movie theatres, resturants, buses and trains
Panama Canal a quicker shipping route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean that saved money and time
immigrant someone who enters another country to live
Lusitania British ship that was sunk by German U-Boats with 128 Americans onboard
Treaty of Versailles signed by the Germans after World War I, stated that they had to payback for damages, not build an army, and say they where sorry for the damage they caused
Harlem Renaissance a celebration of African American culture in the 1920's
Stock Market Crash 1929, when the value of stocks crashed causing a worldwide depression
mass production large scale product manufacturing usually done by machine increased number of products decreased cost
Henry Ford man was responsible for manufacturing the Model T on an assembly line making it the first affordable reliable automobile in the U.S.
isolationism no involvement in international politics and issues; Americans wanted to be left alone to pursue prosperity
19th Amendment prohibits any U.S. citizen from being denied the right to vote on basis of sex
bootleggers people that sold illegal alcohol to consumers
21st Amendment repealed the 18th amendment and ended prohibition
Jazz american music from that is based on improvisation combining blues ragtime and european based popular music
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad connecting U.S. from East to West; started in Omaha in East and Sacramento in West
Jamestown the 1st successful English settlement in North America
Boston Massacre the name of the event where British soldiers fired into a crowd of civilians and killed five people
Boston Tea Party event in which colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor
Battle of Saratoga the "turning point" of the American Revolution because the French began to help us out.
Manifest Destiny name of the philosophy that it was America's right to expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean and that western expansion was inevitable
"Trail of Tears" the name of the Cherokee journey to Indian Territory in present day Oklahoma
Abraham Lincoln President of the U.S. during the Civil War
Battle of Gettysburg known as the "turning point" of the Civil War
Appomattox Court House Where General Lee surrendered to General Grant
13th Amendment Amendment that abolished slavery
Battle of Yorktown battle that marked the end of the American Revolution
George Washington Commander of the Continental Army
Harriet Tubman freed hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the route of the Underground Railroad
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