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Review Sheet 4

Our American Heritage pages 112-149

The early Americans told what kind of country they wanted America to be in what written document? Declaration of Independence
Who was the second Vice President of the the United States and the third President? Thomas Jefferson
What place did Daniel Boone and his family move to when he was 17? Yadkin Valley in North Carolina
What was Daniel Boone's guns name? Tick Licker
Whom did Daniel Boone drive a supply wagon for? English Army
Whom said that "Only cowards hide behind trees and fight"? the English soldiers
What was the name of the trail which led from Virginia to the middle of Kentucky called? Wilderness Road
What was the name of the settlement that Daniel and his men built at the end of the trail? Boonesborough
Who was the first white woman to live in Kentucky? Rebecca Boone
Daniel Boone gave courage to other pioneers to move west to make America bigger. What was he called because of this? Pioneer of Pioneers
Noah Webster's parents wanted him to have a college education so what were they willing to sell to provide this for him? Their farm
Noah wanted to be a lawyer but what did he become instead? A teacher
After studying the Bible, who did he ask to be his Saviour? Jesus
How many years did it take Noah Webster to write his dictionary? twenty
How many languages did Noah Webster study in writing The American Dictionary? twenty
What date is the birthday of our country? July 4, 1776
What college did Thomas Jefferson become an architect for? University of Virginia
What wilderness did John Finley tell Daniel Boone about? Kentucky
When the Indians robbed Daniel Boone, what things did they take from him? Guns and animal skins
Who sold the land of Kentucky to Colonel Henderson in 1775? Cherokee Indians
Who warned the people of Boonesboro that the Indians were planning to attack? Daniel Boone
What three books were in the one-room schoolhouse of Noah Webster's day? Bible, primer and speller
What did Noah Webster love to do? Read
What was the biggest job Noah Webster ever did? Writing the American Dictionary
Who said to "fight an Indian like an Indian"? Daniel Boone
What is the one book that will never change? the Bible
Created by: mclean45