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Dynasties of China

Ancient China Dynasty Review

In what dynasty did holy men read oracle bones? Shang
The Shang believed the oracle bones could be used to communicate with whom? Ancestors
When the Shang begin to struggle, rebels from this frontier state took advantage and overthrew the king Zhou
This was used to explain why a dynasty was beginning to struggle and even natural disasters because it was believed to mean that the leaders had fallen out of favor with higher powers. Mandate of Heaven
The Qin dynasty was ruled on the belief of strict punishment so therefore was aligned with this philosophy. Legalism
To help prevent invasion from the north, this architectural marvel was constructed. The Great Wall
Besides harsh punishments, what measure did Emperor Qin carry out to try to extinguish Confucianism? Burning books about Confucianism
Why is there a debate on whether or not Qin was a good ruler considering he was so cruel to his people He ruled a vast empire, united six tribes, and despite being cruel did not show favoritism
Why did the Qin dynasty only last 15 years? After Qin died the people revolted against the Legalist system leading to the Han taking over
One reason why the Han dynasty lasted much longer than the Qin dynasty was due to leaders emphasizing respect amongst people and an increase of civic exams to determine government workers. Which philosophy eventually became prominent in the Han dynasty? Confucianism
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