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Socia Studies Unit 3

Lesson 1

free enslaved people emanicipate
secret routes that helped enslaved people travel to the northern free states without their white master finding out underground railroads
a war that is between two parts of the same country civil war
states that allow slavery and can not live without slaves slaves states
these states do not allow slavery it is against the law for people that live in the free states to have slaves free states
To leave Secede
states that allow people to have slaves but do not secede from the country border states
how did the issue of slavery affect New Jersey it affected new jersey because new jersey is a free state so this means that there will be many slaves trying to escape the southern states and many whites that own the slaves will come into the northern states in search of their runaway slaves
was New jersey part of the union or confederacy union
who was Harriet Tubman She was a black conductor that risked her life to help the runaway slaves
how many African american fought in the civil war about 30,0000
In 1800, how many enslaved Africans lived in Northern NJ 12,000
In 1800 how many enslaved Africans lived in Southern NJ 500
In what year did NJ pass a law to slowly end slavery 1804
In what year did NJ pass a law against slavery where all African American childred would be born free 1846
A person who works for someonw in order to learn a skill Apprentice
What Amendment to the Constitution officially ended slavery 13th Amendment
In what year was the 13th Amendment adopted 1865
A famous leader for womens rights Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Given the rights and privileges of a citizen naturalized
authority jurisdiction
to live as a permanent resident reside
not real mock
having a strong attractive power magnetic
African American who ran a Philadelphia Underground Railroad station William Still
Female NJ abolitionist and Quaker Abigail Goodwin
Harriet Tubman worked here in a hotel in this town in 1852 Cape May
How many states seceded from the United States 11
the american civil war began in what year 1861
what year was Abraham Lincoln elected president 1860
How many New Jerseyans fought in the civil war over 70,000
How many or the 70,000 people were African american 3,000
Who was the Confederate Army General General Robert E. Lee
Who was the Union army General General Ulysses S. Grant
On what date did the confederate troops fired at fort sumter in north carolina April 12, 1861
The states of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri allowed slavery but choose not to secede what are these states called bordered states
When did the Confederate surrender to the Union April 9, 1865
Created by: JordynTyler2507
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