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SS - Am Revolution

TEST 2/17 - American Revolution Unit Test

What is the Proclamation Line of 1763 and what is its purpose? A line that separates the colonists and American Indians
Why did Britain start the French and Indian War? To push the French away from the Ohio River Valley, so the British could control the fur and farm trade?
After the French and Indian War, what land did Britain control? Canada and land east of the Mississippi River
Why did Britain tax the colonists? To pay for the French and Indian War
Why were the colonists upset about the taxes that Great Britain asked them to pay? Colonists wanted representation in parliament. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!
Who wrote Common Sense? Thomas Paine
What was Common Sense about? It encouraged people to fight for independence from Great Britain
What event was the photo we studied showing? The Boston Massacre
What happened during the Boston Massacre? It started when a crowd of colonists started yelling insults and throwing snowballs. One British soldier fired and other soldiers began firing at the colonists.
Who were the Daughters of Liberty and what did they do? A group of women who made their own clothes to boycott British merchants
What was the first part of the Declaration of Independence explaining? It promised to explain why the colonists had to break away from England
What does the second part of the Declaration of Independence explain? It tells that people have rights which can not be taken away. (natural rights - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness)
What did the early leaders believe the government should protect? Natural Rights
What does treason mean? Crime of fighting against your own government
Why did the British march to Concord? To seize or capture colonists weapons
Two years after the Battle of Yorktown, what document was signed that officially gave the United States its independence? Treaty of Paris
Who was General Cornwallis? General of the British army who was forced to surrender to the American army
Why did Benjamin Franklin go to France during the Revolutionary War? He went to get money, soldiers, and navy support to help the Americans win
What was the name of the Frenchman who helped train the Continental (American) Army? Marquis de Lafayette
Created by: she4thgrade