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BOR/Political Partie

A review of the 2 early political parties and the Bill of Rights

Led by Alexander Hamilton Federalists
believed that state governments should have most of the power in government Democratic Republicans
believed in an agrarian (farming) society Democratic Republicans
wanted the government to be modeled after the British government Federalists
led by Thomas Jefferson Democratic Republicans
were mostly farmers and common people Democratic Republicans
Felt government should be led by educated people Federalists
Included businessmen, large landowners, and professional people Federalists
They felt the country should grow and expand through industrialization Federalists
wanted to set up a national bank Federalists
Admired the French because they were American allies and their Revolution followed the American Revolution Democratic Republicans
felt the federal government should be stronger than state government Federalists
2nd amendment - People are allowed to legally possess ____________. weapons
4th amendment - The police cannot _____________ your body, your house, or your belongings without a search warrant. search
6th amendment - If you are arrested, you must have a _____________ pretty soon and cannot stay in jail forever. trial
3rd amendment - You do not have to let ______________ live in your house without your permission. soldiers
1st amendment - You have freedom of speech, the press, and ________________ (you can pray or worship the way you want to). religion
8th amendment - You cannot be harmed in a cruel way, or _______________, even if you commit a crime. tortured
6th amendment - If you are arrested and go on trial, you have the right to have a ______________ help you. lawyer
10th amendment - Anything that the Constitution doesn't say that Congress can do, should be left up to the ____________. states
Created by: lheppeard
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