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DEN Lesson 2

Review More Eras

Name the political party that Andrew Jackson started. Democratic Party
Name of the system where Jackson fired government workers and hired his friends/supports Spoils System
What type of person was drawn to Jackson? the common man
What did Jackson want destroyed or killed? the National Bank
Where Jackson sent the 5 Indian tribes Oklahoma
The concept where Americans felt it was our God-given right to expand our nation from sea to shining sea Manifest Destiny
The country that sold us Florida Spain
Texas was annexed into the United States in 1845. What does it mean to be annexed? to be added or adopted
The cost of the Mexican Cession $15 million
Why did we pay $10 million for the Gadsden Purchase? We needed flat land for a railroad
One of the main causes of the Mexican-American War border dispute/disagreement between Mexico and the US
Name of the President during the Mexican-American War James K. Polk
True or False - The US won most of the major battles during the Mexican-American War. True
The land we gained from the Mexican-American War the Mexican Cession
Treaty the ended the Mexican-American War Treaty of Hidalgo
What was built in the North when England stopped trading with the US? factories
The reason the factories were built in the North so we would not have to depend on England anymore
What the cotton gin did to the need for slaves the need for slaves increased
When a large number of people move to the city urbanization
Some problems with urbanization overcrowding, spread of disease, fire hazard, high crime rate, unclean
the 2nd Great Awakening when large numbers of people turned back to God and began worshipping Him again
Suffrage the right to vote
Fought for women's rights and women's suffrage Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott
What the Temperance Movement was against drinking alcohol
What abolitionists were against slavery
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