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4th CBA

Review for the 4th CBA

What political party was Andrew Jackson a part of? Democratic party
When Jackson fired government workers and hired his friends/supporters Spoils System
Who related really well with Andrew Jackson? the common man
What is expanded suffrage? more white men got to vote during Jackson's election
During the Nullification Crisis, what did South Carolina not want to pay? protective tariffs
Protective tariffs were used to protect what? factories in the North
What did President Jackson do to the Supreme Court? He ignored the Worcester v. Georgia ruling
What forced the Indians to move to Oklahoma? the Indian Removal Act
What was discovered in California in 1848? gold
What was the idea of expanding westward from coast to coast? Manifest Destiny
What did the Democratic Party believe in? states' rights
What part of the country was the Mexican Cession in? the Southwest
What other piece of land did we buy from Mexico in 1853, used to build a railroad? Gadsden Purchase
What was one cause of the Mexican American War? a border dispute over Texas
What was one effect of the War of 1812? we created our own factories
Factories and new inventions led to what era? Industrial Revolution
When many, many people move to the city urbanization
The Bessemer steel process led to an increase in what? railroads
Which region of the country had more railroads? North
Which group of immigrants brought over the Christmas tree tradition? Germans
What caused a huge number of Irish immigrants to come to America? potato famine
When people start a business to earn a profit free enterprise
Created by: mcphersonm