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Ch 9 Federalist Era

Define "precedent." something done or said that becomes an example for others to follow
What is the function of the President's cabinet? They are group of advisers to the President who manage major departments of the executive branch.
Name the five office titles in Washington's cabinet. Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of War, Attorney General, Postmaster General
What is the function of the Department of State? Handling relations with foreign countries.
Who was the first Secretary of State? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the first Secretary of the Treasury? Alexander Hamilton
What are the duties of the Attorney General? Manage the U.S. government's legal affairs.
Who was our nation's first Vice President? John Adams
Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1789. Which level of courts did this establish? Federal
According to the Judiciary Act of 1789, federal courts have the power to overturn WHICH level of courts? State
Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution? To protect the people's liberties and freedoms
How did Alexander Hamilton explain the reason a National Bank should be created? The Constitution allowed to Congress to collect taxes & tariffs, borrow money, and regulate trade. A National Bank would be needed to do this; therefore, it is an implied power to create it.
What did Hamilton propose to handle the states' war debts? to take over all of their debts and create one larger national debt
Who opposed the plan Hamilton had for addressing the war debt and why? the Southern states; they had less war debt and did not want to pay off the larger debts from other states
What compromise helped the Southern states to approve of Hamilton's plan? the nation's capital would be moved to the South -- Washington D.C.
How did Hamilton plan to pay off the war debts? Through tariffs, taxes, and the sale of war bonds.
What does "civil" mean in government terms? anything to do with its own citizens
True or False. In the 1790s, whiskey was a means of extra income for grain farmers. True
Why did farmers protest the national whiskey tax? They felt it was unfair because it affected their income.
What happened to indicate that the whiskey tax protest had turned into a dangerous uprising? Arson, assault, hostage-taking, protesters taking up arms, and other violence
What did Washington prove by sending troops to end the Whiskey Rebellion? that the gov't will use force to maintain order
How was Great Britain involved in the U.S. conflicts with the Native Americans in the Northwest Territory? They offered to support Native Americans who opposed American settlers and built forts in the area.
What was the name of the Native American leader who defeated Revolutionary War hero Gen. Arthur St. Clair's troops in the Northwest Territory? Little Turtle
What were two advantages the Native Americans thought they had in the Battle of Fallen Timbers? They were near a British fort (Ft. Miami) and the forest had a lot of fallen trees that were hard to get around.
What was the name of the U.S. General who defeated Native American leader Blue Jacket's men in the Battle of Fallen Timbers? Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne
Name the terms of the Treaty of Greenville. The U.S. gained most of Ohio. The Native Americans were given $20,000 and agreed to only stay in northwestern Ohio.
Why did many Americans support the French Revolution at first? It seemed to be a fight for liberty and freedom from a monarchy.
Why did many Americans later oppose the French Revolution? because of the vast bloodshed due to the Reign of Terror
In the "Proclamation of Neutrality," what war did Washington want the U.S. to stay out of? the war between Britain and France
Define "neutral." not taking either side of an argument, issue, or conflict
What two things were not allowed under the "Proclamation of Neutrality?" - no American can fight for either side - no British or French warship can dock in U.S. ports (keep your war off our shore!)
What were the causes of Jay's Treaty? - impressment (taking of U.S. sailors and forcing them to fight in the British navy) - British forts in the Northwest Territory
What were the terms of Jay's Treaty? - the British will leave their forts in the Northwest Territory - no mention of impressment - avoid war
Why was Jay's Treaty unpopular? - it did not resolve everything - some still wanted war with Britain
What country did U.S. make an agreement with in Pinckney's Treaty? Spain
What were the terms of Pinckney's Treaty? - established a southern border of the U.S. (U.S. gained land) - allowed U.S. to navigate freely on the Mississippi River - allowed U.S. to trade freely in New Orleans
Who started the tradition of Presidents not seeking a third term? George Washington
Why did Washington step down after two terms? He felt he had served his country and it was time for others to fulfill their civic duty. He did not want to be perceived as a king.
T/F Washington warned against forming political parties. True
T/F Washington warned against too much national debt. True
T/F Washington warned against forming permanent alliances. True
T/F Washington warned against sectionalism. True
T/F Washington advised to protect freedom of religion. True
T/F Washington urged Americans to trust, protect, and defend the Constitution. True
T/F Washington warned against violent protests to make a change in the government. True
T/F Washington urged future generation to be educated because there is power in an informed voter. True
Can you rename 4 of Washington's warnings and pieces of advice he gave in his Farewell Address? -- check the T/F questions --
In Washington's cabinet, who had the biggest political rivalry? Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
What were the names of the first organized political parties in the U.S.? Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? Alexander Hamilton Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? strong central government Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? national bank Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? protective tariffs Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? state banks Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? rule by highly educated and wealthy Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? strong state government Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? free trade Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? rule by common people Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? alliance with France Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? loose interpretation of the Constitution Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? emphasis on manufacturing Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? emphasis on agriculture Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? strict interpretation of the Constitution Democratic-Republican
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? alliance with Great Britain Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? supports the Alien and Sedition Acts Federalist
Federalist? or Democratic-Republican? supports nullification Democratic-Republican
Name the type of meeting that political parties used in the 1790s to nominate their candidates for office. caucus
Why was the presidential election of 1796 so close? the political parties had a strong influence and started to divide the nation
Were the second President and the second Vice President from the same political party? No, they were from opposing parties. (The 12th Amendment changes that in 1804.)
Name the second President and the second Vice President of the U.S. John Adams, Pres. & Thomas Jefferson, V.P.
Why did John Adams send diplomats to France? to discuss the French seizing American merchant ships
Who were XYZ? 3 French agents that demanded a bribe to stop seizing American ships
Why was the XYZ Affair a scandal? they did not take America seriously and resorted to criminal actions rather than true diplomatic negotiations
Why were the Alien and Sedition Acts passed? people were suspicious of French aliens after the XYZ affair and feared they would undermine the new country
Why were the Alien Acts probably unconstitutional? it imprisoned and deported aliens deemed dangerous - they may be denied due process
Why were the Sedition Acts probably unconstitutional? it denied the freedom of speech and the press by making criticisms of the government illegal
Which states took a formal stand against the Alien and Sedition Acts? Virginia and Kentucky
Define "nullify." to make something legally invalid
Who can officially declare an act unconstitutional? States through nullification? OR the Supreme Court through judicial review? the Supreme Court through judicial review
What divided the Federalists and hurt John Adams chance for reelection? the peace treaty with France
Created by: LRThompson
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